PWCC has been acquired by sports market company Fanatics

Good news! After 16 days it now shows paid hahah Nothing in my accounting for actually getting paid though…

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Few things here:

Thank you loyal customer of 4 years. I would love to not solve your problem. I pushed pretty hard to get on the top rated seller list. But they make it impossible.

Becoming a top-rated seller on eBay is actually incredibly easy. Just put tracking on all of your shipments (which everyone who sells trading cards should be doing now that the eBay envelope exists) and avoid defects.

They started looking up the random cheap $2-$5 untracked orders from months ago. Mentioned cancelled sales which come from non paying buyers.

Going back to what I just said, the eBay standard envelope exists and has existed since early 2021. Why would you send anything untracked? It costs $0.60 to track an item.

Which strange enough the day after someone accepted a offer on a $200 card and decided they wanted to cancel later that night. I happen to check their listings and they were selling the exact same card for the exact same price. Which I took as trying to sabotage my sale. Then I also noticed they were a top rated seller and that was their only listing.

If I am understanding you correctly, a customer agreed to pay $200 for a card and then asked to cancel, and then was selling the same card for the same price later that night. How is this trying to “sabotage” your sale? This “everyone is out to get me” mentality that some people have is silly.

I pay eBay thousands in fees yet never get anything actually solved in my favor over the years. At one point their eBay authentication program lost a $500 card for a month. During that same time period buyer opened a item not received case from a card that was out for delivery the following day. Which was only late due to them not using a FIFO system for first in first out orders.

How did this not get resolved in your favor? As long as an item makes it to eBay authentication, it is out of your hands and the responsibility falls on eBay, so even if a buyer opens an INR case, the case will rule in your favor and eBay will be responsible for refunding the buyer. You either did something very wrong here or you’re just making this story up.

Unfortunately it is the best place to sell but I wish I could pay less fees or sell some place better. And yes I sell some myself on Instagram. But it doesn’t matter. Buyers tend to take advantage of those fees. They like to automatically discount themselves 15 percent off, free shipping (Like the post office actually ships things out of the kindness of their heart) and skip the taxes.

eBay charges 13.25 percent plus $0.30 if you don’t have a store and 12.35 percent plus $0.30 if you do have a store. If someone messages you on IG about an item you have listed for $100 and asks if you could do it for $88, how is that “taking advantage” of fees? As the seller, you are literally making the same amount selling an item on eBay for $100 as you would if you sold it through IG for $88. This isn’t the buyer “taking advantage”; this is them just using basic math lol.

O and to top it off they like to message about the offer on ebay without even looking for you on Instagram first risking the eBay account.

I mean, just ignore the message. Lol.

Yes, eBay has its issues and we all know that, but it seems like you’re complaining about a lot of things here just for the sake of complaining.

The buyer shouldn’t get 100% of the fee savings going off of eBay. The buyer is already getting around a 7% sales tax savings. A split of the fee savings is more reasonable


You’re still making the same amount as a seller regardless of the taxes and you have to pay tax on the sale regardless of whether or not you sell the item on eBay or another platform. It’s no skin off my back if the buyer gets the full 12.35 percent off.

I am absolutely NOT defending customers who try to squeeze every penny out of deals, but this is just kind of silly to complain about. As long as I am making the same amount, I couldn’t care less how much of a percentage the buyer gets off.

@Cerulean Getting the top rated seller isn’t that easy or more people would have it. Apparently the fees are 10 percent less if you have it.

My post was kind of a rant being frustrated with ebay. The part about the buyes always wanting to pay 15 percent less is definitely a thing. It makes it to where only the buyer benefits. They like to take the lowest possible auction or bad listing that sold and use that price and discount from there. As the seller this equals you taking a big loss and them getting a amazing deal. A lot of the time you literally paid more than their offer.

eBay authentication I mentioned is another headache. The ones from the past few months went smooth. When they were giving me issues was like six months ago. And yes I got paid in the end but they caused so much stress for me and the buyers. Imagine you bought a $500 card and eBay magically loses it on you. Wether you’re the buyer or seller it’s still rough.

On another note I didn’t realize the envelope was so cheap. And I no longer sell anything less than $25 range. It’s just crazy they used six month old sales to deny me of the program.

Long story short I just wish eBay would charge us less fees. 12.5 percent is definitely a lot when you really think about it. Plus you have to ship. They also charge based on the final value after taxes and shipping. If you buy a card for $100 and it’s $5 shipping and $10 in taxes. I’m paying fees based on the $115. And as for off eBay deals I just wish it was more common to simply split the fees so it works great for everyone. 6-7 percent less makes a lot more sense than the buyer getting 15 percent off and risking the eBay sellers account. Not to mention the buyer also gets to skip taxes

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