So for starters, I am happy to join the community here and look forward to getting to know you guys and more about the collecting world!
Now that that is out of the way, I want to get some opinions based on the heated debate of PSA vs. Beckett for Pokemon.

So in my opinion, I am a fan of both companies and see that there are pros and cons for both.

For Beckett:

I am much for favorable in the quality of the Beckett slab plastic, the label holos and distinguished look for the grade, the subgrades and the fact that the cards are sleeved in the case for added protection and to help prevent rattling and shifting.

What I am not a fan of is the bulky size of the holder which takes up much more space than the PSA holders, the registry community compared to the thriving PSA registry community and the almost impossible feat of acquiring a 10 grade.
For PSA:
I like the quality of the PSA slab plastic, the size of the holders for storage, and the fact that acquiring a 10 is difficult as it should be, but not impossible and the thriving registry community.

What I am not a fan of is that I have had multiple cards rattle in the case leaving me worried of edge damage, no sleeve inside case, no subgrades, and a very plain label.

With this being said, I fully respect both companies and what they do for the hobby, but I want to ask you all for your input regarding this never ending topic.

I also know that PSA seems to be more liquid and has higher prices realized when it comes to low-mid grade, but not when put up to a Beckett 10. Why is this? Do you ever see Beckett growing and possibly surpassing PSA or becoming equal to PSA in all grades?
This is a loaded question, but any input is appreciated! Thank you!


Hi and welcome to the forum:)

For resale, go with PSA.
For personal collection, it doesn’t matter.

I’ve had friends submit hundreds of new Pokémon cards to Beckett’s and never get a 10. If a BGS 10 ever happens just consider it a fluke.

Lastly, cards with “wiggle room” inside the case are in NO danger of being damaged due to that wiggle room.

I’ve shaken my psa cards for fun like maracas. The pressure from the card hitting the case is evenly distributed along the whole edge so even if you’re trying, you probably couldn’t damage the card that way. I’ve yet to see a single card in a psa case damaged this way.

I don’t appreciate the extra plastic used in the bgs cases and the fact that sometimes the cards are put in crooked really unsettles me.


Outside of Charizard, is that true?

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Welcome to the forum! I’d echo what Gary is saying.

PSA is the industry standard for Pokemon card grading for a reason. They have the most experience, a comprehensive database for card grading (all languages of base set, all English and Japanese cars afterwards with some minor exceptions), and while not a real pro to their service, they are used the most. Many collectors use PSA not only for these reasons, but also because their grades are simple and the highest grade is not near impossible to achieve. For example, a PSA 10 set of 1st ed. base set holos is a massive undertaking, but a BGS 10 set is practically impossible.

BGS does have some upsides as you mentioned, mainly in the area of grade specificity and card protection. However their lack of experience with Pokemon shows in the lower grades. BGS will often match up with PSA on grades 9 and up, but even some BGS 8s would likely be PSA 6s or less. @smpratte has done some videos on this I think.

In my opinion, the vast majority of market value and growth will occur in PSA cards, with BGS 10 examples of high-end cards being the sole exception.


Years ago, as many here already know, I put one in an automatic paint mixer and the card was fine:)


I’d grade new English and any Japanese card with BGS over PSA.

The print quality is just too good.

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I’d go further. Why grade Japanese cards at all? I’m saying that even though I have thousands of them, almost all 10’s and 9.5s.

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@wotcmon, Welcome to the forum!

I just recorded another video on the topipc, more focused on the grade differential I always experience with BGS. Once I get the video published Ill drop it here!


Resale value.

People are THIRSTY in the fb and instagram pokemon collector world.

Most people buy graded to assure condition. With Japanese cards there’s little need to…they all would get 10s;) When asked I always say buy English graded and Japanese ungraded and grade them yourself.

Dang like maracas huh? lmao I could never do that even if the card is airtight. I usually hold my cards carefully like a newborn child haha. Thank you for your input!

Wow great to hear from the man himself Esss Emmmm PRATTE! :wink:

I look forward to watching it, thank you!

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I don’t think there would be any more perfect test to determine the safety of the card in a PSA holder other than this haha. Thank you for your input as I will definitely keep this in mind!

Lots of people out there still perceive a premium on PSA or BGS 10 japanese cards and are willing to pay for it.

I agree with you but there’s plenty of people grading just to flip.

Very true. It’s funny. The advice I’d give to a Japanese collector or seller is the same. Grade your own. My advice to English collectors and sellers isn’t as cut and dried.

It is my unconfirmed belief that every BGS 9.5 Charizard in existence has taken at least 3 trips to PSA in their life :wink:
PSA not having a dedicated Pokemon expert/team is very frustrating especially them not grading universally accepted cards, they are overly cautious. BGS is the total opposite they will grade ‘hand cut’ cards from sheets etc.

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I believe they’ve stopped this. I have seen a card be rejected that they marked as hand cut. It wasn’t a square cut card but had a bad cut bottom edge like many badly cut wotc holos.

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getting a BGS 10 is not impossible, but this is strongly dependent on the print quality. Some have already said that japanese cards will have it relatively easy to grade as BGS 10, I myself graded two italian Aquapolis Holos I pulled and both graded BGS 10, because the print quality of italian Aquapolis cards was absurdly good.

Don’t blame Japanese because their shit is better quality then English :grin:

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