PSA Shutdown Update and Potential BGS Switch

Okay, so now that PSA is shut down until July-August, do you guys think a lot of collectors are going to switch to Beckett as the main grader?


Considering I think the rates are supposed to go wayyyyy up and depend totally on value, doesn’t BGS seem like the new way?

Just asking. I have like 150 cards I want to get graded and I’m considering BGS as long as the value wont be so much lower.

Do you guys think that BGS will be the new Pokémon norm?

Personally, I think CGC will be getting a lot more submissions than BGS with the PSA Shut-Down. I think this is going to be huge for CGC in-order to further “solidify” themselves within Pokémon Market. I would not be surprised if CGC eventually took a large portion of BGS’s Market Share within Pokémon.

But, I don’t think this shut-down will have much affect on PSA in the long-run. They’re always going to be top dog within Pokémon Grading.


I think cgc will be the company people go to. BGS are massively backlogged aswell ha, they were a year wait for bulk wayyyyyy before PSA. I do believe CGC will be 6months+ wait by July.


CGC is already advertising 144 Business Days. I hate to say it; but, I wouldn’t be surprised if this turnaround time was increased to 6+ Months by the end of this month.


There slabs are so ugly hahaha :blush:

In my opinion. That’s literally the only reason I wont use them.

The rumor is bgs is preparing to double prices again. Just what I’ve heard don’t have any concrete proof. Their TAT is as bad if not worse than psa. Cgc bulk is getting there too

why would a 2 month shutdown reverse a 20 year stranglehold on the pokemon hobby? especially since the shutdown was caused by excessive demand for PSA plastic.
Plus 2 months is nothing when we are talking about 12+ month long turnarounds. If I was ready to submit my cards today and wait 12 months, I would still be ready to tack on 2 more months to that wait bc of the shutdown. I’m building another PSA bulk sub as I type this even.

this just doesn’t make any sense…


No, BGS is not the move


I just wish CGC 10s looked better. If their perfect 10 had a “Black Label” type style going on I’d be more inclined to use them. The fact you can barely tell them apart hurts CGC a lot more than some people would like to admit.

Not to the people who buy the card and not the label

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I honestly think CGC will get the pick-up. They just announced they graded an Illustrator which is likely to bring in more people. They’re doing a really good job at putting themselves out there.

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But at least CGC has consistent, strict grading. BGS is all over the fucking place. I recently received a BGS 9.5 that would be lucky to get a PSA or CGC 8.


I guess I should clarify that it hurts the value of CGC cards more than people like to admit.

For the people just trying to strictly collect and never sell it’s great for them because it keeps the value down. Cheaper cards, better condition? win/win.

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