PSA Question - Hairline Scratches - PSA Veterans Needed

Sup Guys!

So I received a card in the mail today!

Looking over it the card is a beauty, Mint and Very Well Centered! So Stoked!

Only problem is there is one hair line scratch on the back of the card…
and When I mean hairline, I mean hairline. I want to say under an inch long.

Based of cards you guys have sent in that were “mint” with the exception of a scratch, how did they come back?
and did you regrade any that came back higher?

Thanks :blush:

Depends how visible the scratch is at first sight as the more visible it is they can deduct the grade but when its only visible at an angle iv never had a problem with the grade being reduced.

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I sent in a Chinese 1st Ed. Base Zard that had a noticeable scratch on the holo, and had bad centering but it still got a 9. I recently sent in a Neo Meganium that had maybe one hairline scratch at best, no whitening and damn near-perfect centering… And it got an 8. Honestly, it depends on which grader looks at your submission lol.


Got another Karp to send in?

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I am with ya on this note. I have had cards with like 5 noticeable pack pulled holo scratches grade 8-10. Also a lot of the neo revelations cards have really bad print lines/scratches on the backs and grade 10s too.

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You had more than one Chinese Charizard?

Yeah, but it was a while ago.