Grading Question

Just got my first PSA submission returned and am very happy with the results! I am curious to see what you guys think about whether or not my rocket’s zapdos deserves a PSA 10. I can get pictures with better lighting tomorrow if necessary. The foil has very minimal scratching. There’s a centimeter long scratch in the middle of the left wing going to the left. Very small line going through the foil on the head but thats from me looking pretty hard for it. I got a WOTC PSA 10 that has worse front/back centering than this, and the back is very clean but has some factory lines going through when examining with flashlight.

Note the dot next to the “70” on the front of the card. Was there when I pulled it from the pack, don’t know if that docks it. Thanks for taking a look!

Hard to see the foil scratches in the pics but I’ve had bad luck with any scratches on the foil. Basically, if there’s anything there, it’s automatically been lowered to a 9. I’ve only seen a few cards from others that got a 10 with a foil scratch (and it was a print line about a millimeter long).

The combination of both the minor scratches and the surface spot is probably why it got docked. I could see how a grader could give a holo with minor scratches a 10 since you can sometimes only see the scratch at specific angles, but a surface spot/ink spot/whatever spot might be harder to get past.

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Great card in general, but the foil scratching even if minimal is probably what took it down to a 9. It doesn’t look like anything else is out of place from those pics


Yeah I think it’s just a combination of the two. I’m guessing it would be a 10 if not for the ink dot but I’ll keep it as a solid 9. Thanks for the input!

Next time put tracking on the package. :wink:

But these were good results for a first submission!

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Thanks Scott!