PSA Price Change 1/1/18

Best to renew/or sign up now even if you have time left on your membership and submit often.


My membership expires in 35 days. If I renew now, does my new membership start when my current one ends, or does the new one start ticking upon purchase?

I do like that they will have a cheaper service. mostly people who don’t grade as much will grab that one.

Thanks for sharing!

I better take out that loan so I can buy enough platinum memberships for life now.

I’m going to be the odd-ball here and say that I’m actually glad PSA offers a cheaper service now! Personally, the cards I’m submitting into PSA aren’t super valuable - mostly Non-Holo Shadowless and Unlimited Base Set. The only reason I like a membership is for those supposed “monthly specials” (which have been fairly non-existant) LOL and the bulk-grading.

I re-joined back in July (Platinum Membership) - I had 12 cards from my personal collection I knew I wanted to get graded; however, I struggled finding those last 3! I ended-up just throwing-in some Base Charizard Cards.

I will for sure be doing the silver for next year, glad they are offering a lower option.

I am pretty excited as well that they are offering the silver membership now.

I challenge you guys to figure out when Gold is the most cost-effective choice.

I think I figured it out and let’s just say it’s almost never.

Quite an increase in price! Hopefully they offer proper monthly specials useful for Poke collectors…Or not! who knows :grin:
The silver members is a nice addition though.

Im going blind…i though the silver was 99 dollahh >.< which didnt seem right aha! 59…wow…errrmm i may try it next year :open_mouth:.


Yea me too :grin: $59…that makes it worth trying out for a year! plus you get the smr mag etc.

Will it cost most for myself as I am in the UK though? I have a feeling it will :slightly_frowning_face:

They used to offer a silver membership about 10 years ago. It’s perfect for anyone starting out; That was my first membership level! The only difference are the grade vouchers, which end up being a discounted “Regular” submission.

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When I break it down in my own tiny little brain it seems to me that we now will just have a baseline price for access to bulk services. It’s going to be a baseline $59 for a membership and you can upgrade as desired to get the vouchers (6 or 15).

So the differences are:
6 vouchers for +$90 ($15 per 10day turnaround voucher)
15 vouchers for +$190 ($12.67 per 10 day turnaround voucher)

It seems to me to still be the same personal decision on whether or not you value the quick turnaround vouchers at a reduced rate or not. And it offers an option for those that do not care for the vouchers.

I know it’s more money overall for the membership but when looking at it this way it’s a different perspective that may be easier to justify.

Prices go up over time. It is the way of the world. When looking at the possible alternatives I’m actually happy that it’s in this manner as opposed to an extra $1-2 for each card submission.

That all is under three assumptions; that the submission prices are not going up along with the membership fees; that the vouchers are still the same 10day turnaround ones; and that everyone else is in the same boat of not caring about the “exclusive collector’s gift” that the gold and platinum include.

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It is a smart move, it opens it up for alot more collectors to start out with PSA. A lower membership price means more people will be inclined to give it a go and send in at their leisure through out the year. Opposed to a new member feeling like they either have to make the membership worth while, or just not bother due to the price.

Hats off to PSA for bringing in the silver membership.

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It gets added on to your current subscription.

I dig that $59 membership tbh. It’s not really worth it to me paying $190 extra for 15 vouchers. Or do the higher tiers get better bulk rates and such? I’ll have to look it up, but that is likely what I will be using.

No, all members get the same bulk grading prices and monthly specials. The only thing you’re paying extra for is the grading voucher and the free gift (usually some type of baseball card book)

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Yup silver it is for me next time. The vouchers mean nothing to me because all I do is bulk submissions.

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That bulk life :grin:

Double checked mine and as I said earlier, it gets added on.