PSA Lugia Questions

Hi! I am relatively new to collecting and have been lurking around this forum for awhile. I hope this is the right place, I just have a question about a PSA Neo Genesis Lugia 1st Edition I purchased. With the prices of the first edition increasing I decided to jump on a card that was located overseas and just received it today. My concern is the card seems to be in too good of condition. I purchased a PSA 7 and the card looks amazing, I know that this card is difficult to grade but I wanted to see if it seemed off to anyone here? I already checked the PSA certification and the number is legit plus the case doesn’t have any evidence of tampering. I just want to know if I am overreacting or if this card it too good to be true? I can provide more images if needed. Thank you.

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Card could have crazy print lines on the Holo?

I’ve pack pulled cards before, sent them off, and received psa 8s just because of the amount of print line on it.


I am not seeing any print lines, but that is possible. Its hard to take a good photo of the card. The back is just in such good condition, I can’t see any whiting along the edges.

Shine a bright light on it to see if it has any print lines I guess

idk, if I were you I’d just be super happy since you got an amazing looking lugia for the PSA 7 price lol


Yeah I shined a bright light and I can see a couple very faint marks on the holo. I am super happy for sure, I was just so surprised because I’ve never bought a PSA 7 with no whiting on the back. Thank you for your help!

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@darthtiberius, I submitted a Lugia 1st ed card a couple years ago back when “smpratte” used to do his grading service. He took a look at it in his review video and noted the card back was mint, but it had some factory lines. Sure enough, it got a PSA 8 grade.

Your card probably has either print lines or maybe a small ding that you can not see. It’s rare for a card to be a 7 with no reason.

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Thank you! Yeah this makes total sense, it’s just very difficult to see the lines on the Holo but I can see some with better lighting. I’ve heard this card is difficult to grade and I understand why!

Congrats on the new card! I have two 1st Edition neo Lugia’s and I have never noticed any print lines in the holo on them but I am going to check. I have never used a grading service but they certainly should be sent in to one. My husband pulled both of them and put straight into sleeves.

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@darthtiberius, as others have already stated, loads of the Neo Genesis cards had such mishaps with those damn print lines, so that could possibly be the case, but regardless you got quite the nice looking lugia there! I have a 9 graded one myself and ill be one to say its by far one of my most favored ones :blush: enjoy it!

Can I have problems like this


Haha yeah when you put it that way… But seriously thank you all for your help. Being new to the hobby there is a lot to learn, but I love it!

If you feel it was undergraded crack open send the label back to PSA and re-grade it. Or send it for a review.

Looks solid but it would be better if you provide pictures with way more lighting than that.

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I think I saw some very light scratches on the foil, but the card looks great. I agree with everyone here about using a strong light to look at the holo again. PSA may be extra difficult on Lugias. That being said, it looks like it might be worth getting that card regraded!