PSA grading for funky print defect

Have this funky 1st edition Gyarados with a print error, was wondering what PSA may grade it at. I know that misprints/print errors negatively affect grades but I have also seen OC or PD designations but mostly on PSA 9’s.
This Gyarados is also offcut as you can see:

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Just based on what I can see I’d say a 6?

OK cool, so no PD designation?

I forgot to comment on this earlier. If that black stuff is a stain as it appears in the photo it will most likely receive a “ST” qualifier. The stain reminds me of bubble gum sport card packs where the gum has melted and stained the card.

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Did you open this from a pack or was it previously owned?

Didn’t realize there was a “ST” qualifier good to know! Bought this one off eBay not too long ago @azulryu

Here’s a few more pics of the stain/defect:

Anyone else feel like it’s tape residue? Just by the pattern of the stain.


It possibly is tape residue but I would think that if it was it would be sat on top of the card and have a distinct texture different to the rest of the card so would be fairly obvious, if it’s a pd bit will be on the same “level” as the ink and have no texture to it.

Yeah I’m thinking it’s not a PD sadly. The printing process sometimes makes mistakes but the order of the process, if I’m remembering correctly, would only effect the holo and basic coloring. Not the text and boarder. Unless something terrible happened.

If it’s tape residue, there would be texture to it, wouldn’t there be?

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I would think so. Though I suppose any sort of residue or liquid exposure could mimic that visual appearance without the same texture.

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If it is residue i doubt would be smooth to be honest so it shouldn’t be too hard to deduce whether or not it’s a stain/residue, not that I recommend rubbing it to find out haha.

For sure. I was referencing stains that occur from former residual presence in addition to straightforward stains. But they are all stains nonetheless.

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It has no texture and is smooth

Not necessarily. If there was a chemical reaction between the tape and the card, you could have a stain without texture.

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@shizzlemetimbers - You should spend literally thousands of dollars on an Ultrasound and use it on the card so we can know for sure.

In all seriousness if there is no texture then that is an oddity and confusing.

Haha, yeah it is definitely ‘over’ the artwork as Azul pointed out but looks ‘under’ the text. In person it looks printed on I don’t know. Only Arceus knows

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Well played sir.



Would you expect similar results from the theme deck holos with the residue from the seal that seems very common?