PSA Graded Card Scan

I am considering a PSA 10 slab, but from the seller’s photo it appears there is a faint scratch on the back. I’m not sure if this is on the slab itself, or on the card. I suspect it is the slab itself, because the scratch is about an inch long and it seems unlikely a card with that sort of damage would get a 10 (although I do know it is possible).

If possible, I would like to check PSA’s scans of this slab, just to be sure. I was wondering if to check these scans, you would need a paid account of some sort. If so, would anyone be able to help me check (I can provide the cert number)? Thanks in advance!

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PSA has only started scanning cards recently, I believe they’ve scanned all cards submitted at re-opened tiers since they started. So unless the card was submitted recently, it would not have a scan on PSA’s website.

Example of one of my recent cards with scan:

Example without a scan:

Regardless, you do not need an account to view scans. They just pop up when you enter the cert number into PSA’s website. If you do that and scans don’t pop up, then PSA doesn’t have them. You could always ask the seller for some additional photos if you’re nervous.

In the future, if you have basic grading-related questions, you should post them here!


Thanks for the advice! And noted, will post on that thread in the future.

The $50 lottery allocation subs do not have scanned images, at least not the one that has been completed for me. $100 tier and up I believe should have all scanned images.

@ccrntrade Interesting, I got scans for my econ

Were any of the cards up-charged? Seems pretty odd they wouldn’t do all subs if some are being scanned.

No upcharge, also extra weird points one of my regular subs had no scans

They mention on their site they are trying to include more tier, I imagine this would eventually include all tiers