PSA finally offering TCG/Collectables magazine!

UPDATE 15/3/24 - Heard back from PSA and you should automatically be switched to the TCG magazine if you submit more of it than Sports :partying_face:

Absolutely wonderful now that PSA members have the option to choose a TCG/collectables focused magazine over the usual monthly sports one. I would always gloss through these to read the one TCG article then immediately recycle it.

The first edition in April will also feature four different covers, cant wait! :pray:


This is awesome, long overdue! I just made the selection in the email! Btw in case people don’t click the link, subscribed members received an email where you can make your selection. So glad they are finally giving pokemon & tcg collectors some love!


I might have to reread it. I thought the email I got said β€œyou have been switched to TCG mag, click if you want to keep sports.”

The real question is can I send this magazine in for grading? Will the Charizard variant be the most valuable?


Anyone selling a Blastoise one for us non club members? Asking for a friend


Anyone know how to switch without the email?

I have a membership but didnt get the email :frowning:

Only the chosen few sorry.

CGC grades magazines. Would be hilarious to see a PSA magazine in a CGC case.


I wanted them to offer a digital version. I don’t need a magazine coming to my address every month. What an enormous waste.


Time to switch to Pokemon TCG Pocket


This is so beautiful!


Same. I’ve just emailed PSA to ask. At this point I’d rather them just stop sending me the Sports magazine altogether if they can’t switch me over, very wasteful sending it to the UK every month.

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The PSA magazine can be reused by ripping it up and using it for packing material

And then sending it back in a submission


Awesome, I would’ve ignored the email (already came in the spam folder anyway) without this thread.

Curious to see if a large percent of subscribers will make the switch

Wonder if this will be available in the UK

I’m very excited for this. Hopefully I receive these as the previous ones to feature Pokemon on the front didn’t turn up, I think the mailman stole em :joy:

As mentioned earlier I’ve sent them a message as I didn’t receive the email that others were mentioning.

Hopefully as we receive the Sports magazine in the UK we’ll have the option to switch and there won’t be legal/technical issues stopping us.

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Update - Good news for everyone, you shouldnt have to change anything if you submit more TCG than Sports :partying_face:


First info about some of the articles and content in the debut magazine.

Big news is that the Charizard cover variant will be limited to 1000 copies, with a β€œHeatwave Parallel” version limited to just 100 copies :fire::fire: