PSA Claims Card Recolored

So I’m in a bit of a pickle here. Recently I bought a very expensive card from eBay. I’m gambling that it’s a 10, and apparently other buyers are thinking the same thing because the auction ending price, and the price I paid, is more than what this card typically goes in PSA 9 condition. The fact that the seller accepts returns within 30 days probably also helped driving up prices, all his raw cards look mint and going for more than what they normally go for as PSA 9. Anyway, I got the card, saw no scratches on it, broke his “not returnable if broken” seal over the sleeve, and super expressed it to PSA. Now a week later PSA told me the card is recolored. Like I said I was hoping for a 10, but I would’ve accepted a 9. To have this card not even gradeable is devastating, it is not sellable or tradable at this point. The seller said he can’t accept my return because the seal is broken, and even if I am to return it eBay will side with him because the seal is broken. To make matters worse I noticed there are scratches all around the blue border on the back of the card that wasn’t there before, and I wonder if a grader did that while determine if the card has been recolored. In other words I can’t even return the card in it’s original condition. What should I do?

Welcome @fixindan, we have a dedicated megathread for grading related questions!