PSA 9 Charizard Return

Wasn’t sure where to post this and didn’t want to start a separate thread. I sold a PSA 9 Base Charizard Unlimited Edition for $130. Here is the message copy and pasted

I received my item today and feel the need to contact you. I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m not very satisfied with this purchase. First, the card wasn’t packaged very well. Second, the PSA label on the back of the card seems to be deteriorating within the PSA case. What I mean by that is the PSA markings are missing foil in several areas. Nothing about this flaw in the item was noted in the item description or photos. I’m also noticing scratches on the card’s holo foil image, which makes me question the PSA 9 grade. I know your listing says returns are not accepted, but I feel the need to request an exception and return this item. I paid full retail price, with the understanding that this card was as described in the listing. I don’t feel that the listing a rarely noted these issues with the card. Would you be willing to accept a return in this case?

1st off the card was packaged in between 2 pieces of cardboard with saran wrap holding everything together, then placed in a bubble mailer. The card was personally sent off to be graded by me and put in a perfect fit sleeve after getting back from PSA. I only had it for a few days until it sold. I’m waiting on pictures of the “deteriorating label” I had a very large PSA order and didn’t examine every card after I got it back. I dont’ like accepting returns because I sell PSA cards only and the buyer should know what they are getting.

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Made this it’s own thread as it looks more like a customer issue. If you packaged the card between cardboard with saran wrap, and that is “not well”, not sure what they expect.

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The actual case was not damaged in the shipping process so I’m not sure why he is noting that anyway.

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further more psa 9’s do have scratches on the holofoil. sounds like the person hasnt had a mint 9 with scratches on the holofoil yet, and this is the first, and so its bad luck for you as the seller.

I can give you pictures of cards before they went to psa, that got 9’s that have scratches on the holofoil, and you can show him them.

Tell him to…


I shoud probably just let him return it to avoid negative feedback and any problems. Also I kind of what to see how he packages it any better than me.


He is one of the reasons why I fear selling on eBay.


Just accept the return it will save you hassle in the long run, paypal also refunds return shipping up to a certain amount, since it is a zard someone will buy it yesterday anyways


agree entirely! You’ll be able to sell it as soon as you get it back, especially at that price!

I agree with the others. Accept the returns and the PSA 9 will sell again.

I would purchase it myself but already own one and need the cash for when the PSA 1 & 2s become available :stuck_out_tongue:

Was there silvering on the edges?

I don’t remember, I’m getting the card shipped back to me now.

All 10s have defects. 9s have even more.
Just accept the return and ban the jackass.

I believe anybody who returns PSA cards is an idiot (cept for damaged cases). If they don’t like something then stick it back on eBay and move on. Don’t complicate the process cause it does more harm than good.


I wonder if there will ever be a CAC type company to pop up for PSA grade verification? I am sure you may be familiar if you are familiar with PCGS at all. Basically CAC is a company that coin collectors pay $12.50 to after paying PCGS to grade their card. They are paying CAC for the privilege of having another set of eyes verify the grade, and to put a nice shiny hologram sticker on the case.

I hope that never becomes a norm for graded cards.

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Got the card back

I guess for shipping I am now suppposed to place the PSA card in a perfect fit sleeve then inside a team bag then cardboard on each side of the card and saran wrap around that. Then place the card in a small bubble mailer. Then bubble wrap the bubble mailer and place inside another bubble mailer. These are the standards for some people out there…

As for the card I see barely anything wrong with it. On the back of the PSA label a couple letters look like they didn’t get stamped fully on the paper but it is barely noticeable unless you stare at it trying to find something wrong. You can still clearly read everyting on the label. The card itself has 2 light light factory scratches, no silvering and no white specks so I would say it is an easy PSA 9.

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Don’t forget to send it back to PSA for recasing then have PSA send it to your buyer :blush: