PSA Cert # dates

Any way to check when a card was graded?

Or even rough dates to cert numbers?

eg. When did the 28 sequence start? The 27? Etc

I wish this was a thing. Getting data such as graded/reviewed on xx/xx/xxxx should be a bare minimum when you look up a cert. Unfortunately you can only guesstimate. Have a look at the grading results thread if you want a rough idea of when certain cert # were graded.

I have a 90xxxxxx cert graded card I wanted to know when it was graded, but even PSA won’t answer me. lol

I found one of these recently too and don’t know where it came from. Which card is it you have? I’ll try to find mine again and let you know what it was.

So there is a 000000001 card out there potentially :thinking:

I mean, you can search it. They keep some numbers for specific cards. 00000001 is a PSA 8 Wagner.

So is that the very first psa card graded then ?

No. It was assigned later.

It’s my baby.


I would have thought they’d go up by number. Or are you being sarcastic ? :grimacing: if so what is the first graded card haha

I remember the Gretzky/Mcnall card was graded in the late 1990s, years after PSA started. As a side note, I believe that later that card was found to be trimmed:(

Oh really ! So there is someone out there with the first graded card :grimacing: is it you :smirk:haha

I believe it was a 1934 Lou Gehrig from the Goudey set. (No, I never saw him play;)