Psa cards stadium challenge deoxys

Trying to find out good prices for these cards because I Don have much knowledge with psa graded cards. Any help would be great.
Psa 9 stadium challenge deoxys
Psa 10 matang stadium challenge
Psa 10 Japanese 15th anniversary Pikachu
Psa 10 Japanese championship arena
Psa 9 Championship Arena
Psa 10 E3 shadowless red cheek Pikachu
Psa 9 Charmeleon promo
Psa 9 Charmander promo
Psa 10 charizard promo
Psa 10 lucky stadium
Psa 10 gold Zekrom
Psa 9 gold reshiram
Psa 8 promo torchic & treecko pop
Psa 9 promo mudkip pop

You just copy/pasted your thread from 7 hours ago…

Most are listed.

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I did copy and paste it. I didn’t know where I would get more responses or where I should post

Im fairly certain its against the rules to do that so soon but I am not sure.

For example if you search “PSA 10 Lucky Stadium” the below pops up, Better than asking all of us to do it for you 20 times.

I hope I didn’t Break any rules. If I did please have an administrator let me know so I can correct it. As far as looking on ebay, that is a great idea but unfortunately a stadium challenge deoxys hasn’t sold on there in yrs. There has been one listed but was removed so some I Really do need help with.

If you think there’s an issue with your thread’s placement, let a mod know. I’m locking this so we don’t have any duplicate threads!