PSA Advice Needed

Is it possible that this card could receive a regrade from a 9 to a 10? The whole card is perfect with no markings or nicks - from what I can see the only thing that stopped it getting a 10 initially is the centering on the back.


Your pictures isnt working you might want to check it but as for your question of a lower graded getting upgraded to a 10 it is 100% possible as iv had cards graded from 8’s and 9’s to a Gem Mint 10 loads of times it just depends if the card was actually mint and PSA made a mistake the first time around.

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It should be working now. :grin:

PSA is finicky. I’ve had cards come back as 10s that I thought would struggle to make the 9 mark, and I’ve had cards come back as 8s and 9s that I was sure would be 10s. Sometimes its PSA picking up on small things that we miss (they are the professionals) but sometimes you just get a picky grader.

I recently just sent off my first PSA regrade with the cards still in the slabs and I’ll see how that does. I would recommend looking over the card extremely closely under a bright light, maybe even with a magnifying glass and trying to figure out how it graded a 9. Look for tiny scratches on the holo pattern or markings anywhere on the card. Back centering shouldn’t be an issue unless its really bad, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

But, as @m786ali said, cards go up in grades all the time. So it’s not that unusual, but to avoid wasting your money on a regrade, its best to be near certain.


I would be happy to send it multiple times to get graded as it’d be worth it for the card it is to get a 10, once I have all the cards I want to send to PSA for one reason or another I will definitely send it to be regraded with the lot.

Keep in mind that regrades qualify as a separate order, so you have to pay separate return shipping. For me that more than doubled the cost of the regrade.

Maybe just one or two tries then. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah it will be interested to see if how it goes regrading.

Btw; can someone tell me what does the PSA grader do when he/she looks at the card? do they use a magnifying glass and check all the edges and corners / surface? or is it like the luck of the draw, you might get an old timer whose eye site is fading, and that’s why the cards are regrading back at a 10.

It’s just so random… the whole 8’s regrading as a 10 stories…

Here’s an oldskool video:


Lol yeah, I remember seeing this video a while ago. Pretty cool what goes on.

I really should maybe grade parts of my collection >.<

Doesn’t look too professional to me. Hope it’s better now.

Yeah man why not?

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haha… I have spoken about this before… I have a love hate relationship with PSA… but, I think the hate side is a little naïve, and has changed in the last year.

I used to think… when I was young and stupid, that PSA is not aesthetically pleasing to me, and that I don’t need someone else to tell me that my boxed pulled cards aren’t 10/10 because the card is off centre 55/45. Or has 1mm of back corner wear from the factory slicing the card that way.

Then I consider the respect behind the company… and how much value increases with it’s name. The fact that they lock and help preserve / guarantee a specific mark, which cannot be argued with when selling ‘as is’ to a end user; really means a lot also. You have that support from the company.

I also just prefer how cards look in my binder, all organised in a specific way, which is different to most collectors. Nice and neat, and the thought of transferring all that into bulky PSA containers scares me. As I don’t know how I would manage or display it.

Nevertheless, I will grade some specific pieces eventually… maybe when the AUS dollar balances back on par with the USD.


I prefer raw cards myself, in term of aesthetics. I do intend on eventually getting them graded though, as it adds value and excellent protection


I also prefer raw cards and binders like kkthxbai, easy and practical display/storage. Wouldn’t know where to start displaying graded cards :s


Anyone reckon PSA would give you the option of only putting your card into a slab if it achieved a PSA 10?

For example you send 10 cards off to them, they deem 3 of them to be 10’s so they properly grade those 3 as 10’s but just return the other 7 to you ungraded? Obviously you’d have to pay full price but for me I only want ungraded or PSA 10 with some of my cards, so anything else I don’t really want.

You can specify a minimum grade for raw cards I believe. It’s required with crossovers but can be used for raw cards too as far as I know.

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Yes…you can designate a minimum grade for encapsulating.

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More advice needed chaps,

I have 8 PSA cards that I just want put into new slabs, and 1 PSA card that I want regraded. 9 in total.

My question is what is the best way to go about this? I have contacted one person so far who offers grading services from the UK, and while the answer was a bit sketchy I get the impression that it wasn’t something that they wanted to facilitate which is fair enough.

Is joining PSA myself the best plan of action? Is there anyone out there who could possibly offer this service to me? Any idea of cost would be great too. I have been told that the two services would have to be separate orders too so this may make it quite expensive. All help is appreciated. Thanks.


You shouldn’t need a membership to re-slab…iirc it should be like a $5/card charge. I’m sure there are many many people who can offer you PSA grading services, but regrades are different and would probably cost more as it’s just one card (separate order, extra shipping fees, no specials). Even if you joined PSA you would probably still need to pay the same for a regrade.

I’ll tell you what I always tell people about joining PSA: If you’re going to submit 20 cards or more (including the free voucher ones) over the course of one year then it’s worth it. If not, you’re probably better off using a grading service.

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