PSA 10 Shadowless Venusaur seller Jrrinehuls

If anyone knows the buyer of this card that just sold please insist they check for crimping damage. This seller is dishonest.

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I won the card. what is crimping damage? should i be worried lol?

If this is the same card then yes. It appears to be. Check this thread

Sorry bro

It happened during the encasing process at PSA. The card was misaligned when they cased it initially and it left impressions where the plastic tabs pushed into the card.

I won both the hitmonchan and the venusaur form him. My question is will PSA refund my money cause its their fault?

I have never run into this issue before so im a little lost. The cert IDs are the same as the venusaur in this link however the back of the cards are totally different. the one on ebay seems to be mint. What is causing those white spots to show up in the venusaur card that is in this link?

Honestly if the seller is trying to hide something he knows is there that is indeed bad on him.

But realistically it is bad on PSA as well for putting a damaged card in a PSA 10 case if that is what occurred. In an ideal world he (seller) would take it up with PSA for the financial guarantee. However sellers do miss things sometimes and sell on damaged PSA 10 cards without their knowledge. In that case he can take it back and do it himself or the buyer can as well.

In whatever the situation is PSA is good about standing by their financial guarantee when the grade is objectively and clearly in error by 2 or more grades.

if that is the one that seller is a carrot :\

Thanks brother. I guess I should delete my post;)

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