PSA 10 Master Key

Congrats to Eddie on his PSA 10 Master Key:)


Does he have the complete LP promo set in PSA 10 now? :blush:

Not quite but within 2/3 cards.

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Ed’s listing says the Master’a Key is mint but ungraded. Cheers!

It just got graded.

That’s awesome! Kudos to you man for helping Ed get this card. Did it come in the original holder?

This wasnt the cased copy. Another auction hit YJ when the cased copy sold but for over 120k less than the cased auction so I hit BIN and sorted the rest out for ed but glad I was able to help him complete the set and it getting a 10 makes it that much better.

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Why the hell is that card so expensive

Because it a trophy card with less than 16 copies iirc.