Protecting Sealed Packs

I’m sure at least a few of you also have sealed packs in your collection. Whether they be typical store-available packs that you collect the arts of or harder to come by packs like Vs packs or the 2002 McDonald’s Promotional packs. My question is this: How do you protect them?

The obvious choices for protecting cards are toploaders and binders. I’ve had a significantly more difficult time deciding how to protect, and ultimately display, my sealed packs. Thus far I’ve just been putting them between toploaders and sliding them into team bags. PSA grading them is an option as well. Are there any other creative ways people here have displayed and protected their sealed packs?

Displaying is a tough one for packs. In the past I have displayed packs that aren’t too large in Card Savers. It’s a pretty good way but be careful if the packs are very valuable. As for pack storage, I have small wooden boxes that I keep them in, then they go into my safe in the wooden boxes. The boxes just give a bit more protection than having them loose and it keeps my safe organised.

That’s awesome thanks Darkrai! By the way, I use the same type of binders as that person uses for all my card needs. They look phenomenal on display, always stand upright, and protect from dust and moisture etc. I highly recommend them!

I keep all my sealed packs in my empty tins. It works out well because I have enough to organize specific packs in specific tins.

However, those binders do look good for display. It’s just I’d have to find a place to put them :laughing:

Those Cigarette Card binder pages are incredible! Do they fit inside of a standard 3-ring binder, or is it necessary to purchase their binder for it to work?

I tend to keep my sealed packs in empty boxes i have, it keeps them organised and makes them easier to protect.