Professor Program Cards? Trying to make a complete list

Hello, I love the way these cards look and am hoping to completing the set. Please tell me if I am missing any. Thank you

2004-2005 Prof. Oak’s Research
2005-2006 Professor Birch
2006-2007 Professor Elm’s Training Method
2007-2008 Professor Rowan
2008-2009 Professor Oak’s Visit

I think I have them all…


Are you counting error variants?

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Like the ghost stamp one? No way Jose!

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More than one ghost stamp professor promo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aren’t you missing PONT and Prof Elm HGSS??? Looks like they slot right into those empty slots…

Were there many of them made or was it just a handful? I’ve only seen a couple but never really looked for them.

Hard to say. I’d guess a pack at minimum of each. There weren’t a lot of these promos made period so it’s impossible to say.

Could be! Don’t know much about them, were in a lot I bought a while back.

Great! Thanks so much! :blush:

@funmonkey54 @pieterpie

Are the 2 HGSS cards just crosshatched foil pattern with no Professor stamp?

Otherwise I can’t find squat on them.

— Professor Elm’s Training Method (HeartGold & SoulSilver) - Professor Program 2010-2011

— Professor Oak’s New Theory (HeartGold & SoulSilver) - Professor Program 2010-2011

yeah, they are just like the judge

regular league promos from the time had the pokeball or the “Play” logo

Sweet, I’ll have to pick those two up then to complete the set. Thanks!