[Prices] 1ED Gold Stars

Hi all,

Does anyone here have approximate values on these cards?

Everything is NM+/M and 1ED unless noted. Cards would grade around PSA 9 or PSA 10. :blush:

Latias Gold Star 065/082
Latios Gold Star 066/082
Rayquaza Gold Star 067/082 (Unlimited)
Charizard Gold Star 052/068 (Unlimited)
Flareon Gold Star 011/108
Jolteon Gold Star 027/108


Do you actually own these cardS, or are you looking to purchase them ?

I purchased a nifty bulk lot from a friend. :blush:

It included all of these cards and a few duplicates (though I think I overpaid on Rayquaza).

I sold my rayquaza for $40 a while back

That sounds like a reasonable price. Thank you for your input!