Price check: Team Rocket 1st edition full set+4 graded

Hello friends

I’m trying to think of how much to value this set.

As I mentioned its 1st ed - the vast majority of the cards are Mint and will get 8-10 for sure.

In addition 4 cards from the set are already PSA graded

dark charizard holo PSA 9
sneak attack holo PSA 9
team rocket holo PSA 10
dark slowbro holo PSA 8

How much do you think it can ask for all?


Why can’t you work this out yourself?

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Use and cross reference troll/tcgplayer for each card.

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eBay sold listings

Given the provided info and the fact that people always think their raw cards are better than they actually are

1-2k maybe

@belch, @two, i did
but the highest charizard was 9999 and after that it was 1800 and the lowest was 150, so what am i taking from these sold auctions?
and for the whole set, the highest was 3000 while the lowest was 570.
All this, while Magneton and Dragonite alone are sold for a tenth of the set price.

So because the difference is so high for no apparent reason, I wanted to consult with the community.

@uponeagleswings, You’re probably right, even though most of the cards are pack fresh and straight the sleeves.

@rattlebear, Thanks for the advice, I did not think about it

The zard in psa 9 is a $600-700 card.
You won’t get better than psa 8 rates on non-graded cards so it’s hard to put a value on a ‘mint’ ungraded set.

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