Price Check - PSA 10 Bandit Ring M Rayquaza UR

So I just got this card back in my latest PSA returns. It’s a POP 1. I’m wondering how much I could expect from this card if I want to sell quickly to get the highest possible price?

I’d say at least an easy $200, wouldn’t be surprised if people go crazy for it and bid it up to $300 though.

That pop 1 won’t last long at all. Definitely not worth $300 in my eyes…


Agreed. Gem Mint Japanese cards are easy to find (usually). There’s always that one person though who ignores that and overpays for that first copy on the market lol.

If you’re going to flog it do it immediately


I put it up on eBay, $300 or best offer. Is it really worth that much? Hell no. But what it will sell for is a different story. Going to see if I get any offers over the next few days and I’ll basically pick the highest reasonable one.


I’ll give you tree fiddy for it :wink:

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I’d say honestly do an auction for it. You never know… it could go for more. But flip it now if you need to.


This kinda shits me about hobbies.

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Buying something only to flip it for profit?

Only doing something to gain an otherwise unobtainable value based on the “needs” of others.

I have no issues at all with 4thstar, but this practice is annoying as it doesn’t represent true values.

@ozenigma Agreed. But truly what is value other that a compilation of past sale prices. With this, there are no past sale prices, so the starting price is up to the first person (namely me) to set. Whether or not people decide to pay it is totally on them. If you find the price unreasonable, you don’t need to buy. The price is mainly for those people who have to have the first, newest card released in the highest grade. I can sell it at this price, so I am.


Yeah that can also happen

Don’t get me wrong this issue isn’t with you at all and I totally understand why you are doing it.

My issue is that what is happening isn’t too dissimilar to paying a higher rate for a common car just because it’s the first that rolled off the production line.

It doesn’t help with people trying to honestly evaluate their cards. Person B can’t say “well X must be worth Y because person A sold it for Y”.

It’s just annoying, that’s all.

From a basic economic point of view this makes quite alot of sense, basic supply and demand means that if the supply is lower than demand, price rises, yes? Now in this case, as there is only one, and the demand is far greater that of the supply, the difference between demand and supply is so great, and the supply is all from one person, then the retailer, in this case fourth star, is able to choose his own price. Much like the first of anything, he can set a higher price than its true value because as none have sold already, there is no set value. Obviously as demand dwindles and supply increases the price will drop, but for the first one it’s really up to him to set the price. Also it’s not a given that he will sell it for so high but there is a high chance of it happening because of the difference in demand mentioned earlier in my post, and the fact that someone somewere is always willing to pay extra to say they were the first etc.

To conclude I think this is just good business by simply meeting the wants of others when you can, nothing underhanded about it at all, you all telling me if you were being offered double the value of a card simply because someone really wanted it that you would say no even if they insisted? No. Fact is they want it so you meet their demand and walk away happy, as well as whoever bought it because they wanted to pay that price. It’s all about what people are willing to pay, nothing bad about it at all though because if you don’t do it then someone else is instead. I’m certain you don’t just try grading cards to profit and never to keep anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Ps congrats on the 10, one of the best looking cards to be released inside a set for ages IMO, though saying that the whole of bandit ring is just amazing for arts I think :blush:


I really didn’t need the attempt at economics education. But thanks anyway.

No need to be so condescending, or to think that this was specifically directed at you, I was just pointing out that it makes sense to do it…

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I actually found your post to be condescending, trying to “educate” me and all. I’m not a child and won’t be treated as such.

I didn’t tag you, quote you, mention you, or anyone for that matter. You should stop taking this so personally. I said it makes sense to do what he is doing.

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Not sure why anybody would be upset at Ethan for selling this card… I mean it’s not like this card is never going to be listed on eBay for sale. Blame the buyers more than the seller. Early bird gets the worm, I don’t blame him. Good luck on the sale!