Price check on Legendary Collection Squirtle/Charmander

Anyone have a rough idea on price for a PSA 10 Rev Holo Charmander/Squirtle. Can’t seem to find enough info on these two.


The only charmander in ebays recent sales sold for $350.50 USD. I’m really surprised that only one has sold recently and there aren’t any currently listed.

And squirtle has nothing sold or currently for sale either! I’m extremely surprised that these two being so popular aren’t readily available. But anyway, you can figure that the squirtle would go for just about the same as the charmander.

Thank you dude. I couldn’t even find the Charmander history, so thanks a lot. :grin:

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When I was looking at the pop counts for legendary collection reverses, it seemed really low compared to some other sets. I mean only 22 charmanders and 28 squirtles in the count, that’s pretty rare for some sought after set cards I’d reckon