Price Check on Japanese Old School Holos/ Non-Holos

I got a handful of japanese old school cards in near mint or better conditions

Can I have the average selling price range of these holos/ non-holos? And are there any particular card shown in the photo that stands out in price, that I should be aware of?

Thanks heaps ^^

In truth all pretty ‘common’ Japanese rares, very much depends if these are PSA 10 contenders for there to be any real value in them,

The Pinsir is probably the most valuable card there at around $8- $10,

Anyone else with better knowledge?

The standout cards are maybe the Rocket’s Moltres Pinsir like @gradedgroudon said and Chansey. Most of the rest go for between $2 and $5 each in NM. The Rocket cards are the least expensive IIRC. Base set and jungle/fossil prices are going up bit by bit