Price check on Expedition/ e-reader lot

Hey guys, new to the forum and looking for some advice. I have the opportunity to purchase a lot of Expedition cards (with a couple none Expedition cards thrown in) which includes:
1x ariados holo
1x Typhlosion holo
1x tyranitar holo
1x tyranitar
1x bellossom holo
1x tentacruel holo
1x kingdra holo
1x muk holo
1x dragonite holo
1x dragonite
1x pidgeot holo
1x ampharos holo
1x ampharos reverse
1x Hypnos holo
1x scizor holo
1x victreebel holo
1x arbok holo
1x arbok reverse
1x clefable holo
1x clefable reverse
1x blastoise
1x gengar holo
1x gengar reverse
2x feraligatr holo
1x feraligatr
2x fearow holo
1x fearow
1x dugtrio holo
1x dugtrio reverse
1x machamp holo
1x machamp reverse
2x kingler holo
2x kingler
1x golem holo
1x golem
1x weezing holo
1x mewtwo holo
1x mew two reverse
1x ninetails holo
1x ninetails reverse
1x ninetails
2x vileplume holo
1x poliwrath holo
1x poliwrath
1x raichu holo
1x raichu reverse
1x rapidash holo
1x rapidash reverse
1x skarmory holo
1x skarmory
2x pichu
1x Electrode holo
1x Charizard
1x horsea
1x steelix
1x umbreon
1x growlithe
1x pidgeot reverse
1x Boost energy reverse
1x crystal energy
1x warp energy reverse
The seller is asking $250, which works out to just over $7 per holo.
Any advice appreciated.

The only thing i would do is just look at sold listings for each card on ebay, not the listed price… Even just check out trollandtoad to make sure.

Yeah hard to say, it would take time but I would check sold listings to get a better idea of their value. Of course condition plays a factor obviously but I would say that price is close.

Hey buddy if those were Skyridge or Aquapolis cards then it would be a slam dunk. Unfortunately, Expedition cards are worth quite a bit less than its counterparts. There are quite a few reverse holos (worth much less than $7) and a lot of the holos listed are cheaper than $7. I would shy away at $250 bro.

Yeah I’m basically only focusing on the holo foils. The $7 per card only pertains to the holo’s, not the reverses or standard cards, which are basically just being thrown in. I’m more comfortable in the $4-5 range but I think we may be too far apart on this one. Thanks for the advice guys!