E series price check

Hey guys!

What do you value:

Full PSA 9 holo set of expedition

Full PSA 9 aquapolis set including crystals

Full PSA 9 skyridge set including 4/6 crystals (no zard or celebi)

Thanks so much.

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Some clarifications…

Do you mean regular holos only for expedition (no reverse)? Are you including the reverse holos for skyridge and aquapolis?


Just regular holos PSA 9 for each set. No reverses!


PSA maintains a database of Auction Prices Realised on the eBay US website: www.psacard.com/auctionprices.
It’s a lot easier to find information about multiple cards in a set by going from their Population Report first: www.psacard.com/pop.

If you search for “pokemon expedition”, for example, you’ll find the English one here: www.psacard.com/pop/tcg-cards/2002/pokemon-expedition/87125. At the top of the page you can then click the “APR” tab you can then filter the page down by grade: www.psacard.com/auctionprices/tcg-cards/2002-pokemon-expedition/87125.

Bear in mind though that this only reflects sales visible on the US eBay website (eBay.com). Any sales outside of that will not be captured by PSA, so you should take the data with a pinch of salt.

If you want to dig down and find even more accurate prices, you can add a filter on eBay to search for sold items - manually searching for each card individually sold within the past 6 months may give you a more accurate idea of prices. A search like “pokemon expedition holo psa 9 -japanese -reverse” is probably a good starting point.