Prerelease Cards

I’m looking to buy (or trade for) the following prerelease cards.

Sandstorm Armaldo prerelease
Dragon Gyrados prerelease
Mysterious Treasures – Gabite staff prerelease
Majestic Dawn – Mothin staff prerelease
Legends Awakened – Buck’s Training staff prerelease
Altaria – Dragons Exalted staff Prerelease


Have you checked Ebay? I thought I saw a few of these recently (yes, I search “Pokemon Prerelease” every so often :stuck_out_tongue:).

I have. I’m trying for trades on youtubes/sales here first, and if they don’t work out, I’ll go for ebay.

Hey cat, big fan :grin:

I know i have the bucks training staff, but i’m not sure if i have any others i will have to take a look when i’m home tomorrow.


Hey, sorry i just checked and all i have is the staff bucks training, which since i live in the UK unless we can find anything else you need its probably not worth trading because of the postage…

As you are starting to collect japanese cards more are you interested in E2 holos and rares or Gym heroes cards?

I’d still be willing to trade for it despite the UK shipping. But there’s a few cards from those sets that I’m looking for (more Japanese wants can be found on my website).

Japanese Heroes
Misty rare

Japanese Expedition #2 (Town on No Map)
#4 muk
#12 jumpluff
#17 arcanine holo
#27 wooper
#37 zapdos
#42 hypno holo
#61 togetic
#67 umbreon
#68 umbreon holo
#82 water cube 01
#84 psychic cube 01
#87 metal cube 01
#92 rainbow energy