Pokken Tournament & Shadow Mewtwo

Apparently this game is going to include a Shadow Mewtwo card within the first few copies. I want it.



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Think he’s talking about this.


Well it’s not a TCG card unfortunately.


An amiibo would be very nice.

Just finished working my way through this game. Just beat the Grandmaster (perfect x2).

It was fun!

I played this the other day when babysitting my cousins. He was really good at the game.
I found it enjoyable, there are some things I think are a little imbalanced, like the fact if he chose a pokemon that was “level 44” vs my “level 1” he had a huge advantage… Overall though it was nice.

Should the levels not make you better though? No point in having them if it was just as easy for the 1 to beat the 44 as it was for the 44 to beat the 1?