Pokemon World Championships - Honolulu Aug 16 to 18, 2024 - Spectator Pass Registration

Last 3ish hours to sign up if anyone still needs to!

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I might be willing to throw my hat into the ring to organize sharing of passes, as I’ll be on site. Lets see how that looks once the drawing happens.


Does anyone know if the initial invites would have gone out yesterday?

Based upon this:
“you will be notified by email starting on the week of June 10th and you will have 48 hours to complete your purchase.”

It sounds like they could start to go out at any time this week.

Do people eventually get notified when there are no more invites going out, or that they have not been selected?

First year trying this, and got the iniial e-mall that I was added to the interest list.

Thanks for any insights in to how this normally plays out.

Hey mick, welcome to the forum!

According to the confirmation email you mentioned it sounds like we could be notified anytime this week. I haven’t heard of any emails going out yet. If not selected for a pass I wouldn’t exactly count on being notified but it’s possible after it’s all said and done they would announce all passes have been issued and we would know. Just gotta cross out fingers and hope for the best. Goodluck!

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Sadly I missed the registration does anyone know if theres any way I can get a spectator badge otherwise?

New here but just wanted to say I signed up and I have flights and hotel booked I’m really hoping to be able to get selected for the passes I’m starting to wish I signed up with multiple emails I didn’t think it would be unlikely :frowning: I signed up on the 31st maybe I wasn’t fast enough


Welcome to E4, crossing fingers you get one!


Does anyone have any info about spectator passes? We have a trip planned around worlds for our kid and haven’t heard anything about getting passes. I assume we don’t get selected but would just like to know for sure that all passes have been taken.


Hey DZGarcia, welcome to the forum!

Many of us are in the same boat. We don’t know either :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, here it is a week later and I haven’t received any emails at all. No clue if I won, no clue if I lost. Not sure if they’re even sending out emails if you lost. I booked my flight and hotel last August when the location was announced. Honestly didn’t think it would be another lottery system being in the US again… but with the radio silence leading up to spectator passes I thought something was up.

Has anyone received an email from TPC or TPCi? Anything at all? Either way… I’m going to Honolulu. Maybe I’ll just stand outside with my competitor tee from London or Hawaii in 2012 with a cardboard sign lmao. “Need spectator pass plz” lol

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Don’t think I got a ticket seeing that a lot of people already have their mails, if anyone has an extra ticket, please do hit me up! Might be going to honolulu anyways as I did to Yokohama last year without a spectator ticket and still had a blast

Yep, I’m in the same boat and will be emailing TPC support email just to ask if there is any info on a pass. As I’ve been a competitor, translator, spectator and a volunteer over the years… I’d think I’d at least get an email. I just want to spectate this year. lol.

I will gladly buy a single spectator pass from anyone here - will pay premium too! Just trying to get in any way at all. Flight and Hotel wasn’t cheap, but man… I am not missing this aha

They do waves of passes and as far as I heard, only one has happened last week.

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Supposedly another wave must have gone out. I just got an email for a Saturday pass. A friend of mine got an email last week for the 3-day pass. Maybe they had another eblast at the end of last week telling people they won a pass for Friday (just speculating)? I had my wife sign up as well and she didn’t get any email just yet.

On a side note, they are letting you put your guest’s name at a later date if you don’t know who you will be bringing. There is a Attendee portal that you need to write your guest’s name beforehand and it needs to match their ID when you pickup your badge. If my wife can get an email, there is a chance I may have an extra pass. I’ll keep you all posted.


Right on; this gives me some hope :slightly_smiling_face: If you do end up with an extra pass, I’d be ecstatic to buy one!

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I got selected for a Sunday pass, while I was hoping for multi day I will take anything I can get. But seeing as above someone got a Saturday pass does that mean they’re already almost out of passes??

Nobody knows and anyone who gives you a definitive answer at this point is basing it on nothing.

I know it’s frustrating but all you can so is wait and take whatever you get.


Hi folks seeing as how there was another wave of spectator pass emails sent out today, I want to remind everyone we have a spectator pass sharing sheet here: E4 Hawaii Worlds Spectator Pass Tracker - Google Sheets

Unfortunately so far it looks like the majority have not been marked as “won” yet. But I wouldn’t count the selection being over until an official confirmation by TPC/TPCi. Let’s do our best to share passes where we can. Worlds last year only had a 33% win rate so having a community will help to share. Hawaii may be even more popular.


I’m sure you all get many of these around this time of year :rofl::rofl:. But if anyone has 1-2 spectator passes available. I’m willing to pay for them. Was one of the unfortunate few that never got selected :sweat_smile: