Pokemon UNO Cards

Hello boys. Are you into UNO? I am.

So I was wondering around in the void and came across to a UNO Pokemon package of cards.

The japanese SwSh version:
Should be a 2020 release of the game. Like a classic Uno deck, it features 112 cards.
I’m currently unaware if the blank cards are still blank or if they repeat the “0” of each colors.
It’s confirmed that 2 of the 4 change colors are dittos, the other 2 are snorlax and greninja.
The best 2 cards out of everything due to the color boxes shape personalization.

I’m not sure if the other +4 are still eeveelutions, but if they added more pokemon, they would have as well displayed them.
The pokemon shown are all the same for each color. And are the following:

The box appear as following, and has a identification code which is GNH17

The Chinese SwSh Version:
There is a Chinese version of this one, which has the “pokemon” logo (instead of “pocket monsters” alongside the word “asia”, and it has a different code: GTH24.

I’m not 100% sure this second version is original, but has the “Mattel” logo, so it should be fine, I guess.
What is clear is that if you ask Ali baba & his 40 thieves, this version is much cheaper than everywhere else. They only major difference is on the back of the cards, that displays different logos.
Bad quality here is due to my big paint skills.^

Sun And Moon Version:

Pokevault states this was released in 2017. Findable if you happen to buy it, but not so much pokemon on display if you have to make a thread like this.
I don’t know if this has repeats, but for sure same numbers have different pokemon depending by their colors.

There are confirmed to be at least 2 different change colors: Ash’s pikachu and of course ditto.
I mean… WHO MORE THAN DITTO can represent this card?!
Major difference between this and the previous deck is that this is surely more anime based, while the other is so pokemon-centered you can’t really tell.

X & Y Version:

The box here says this was released in 2014. And has the code CHL30. (yeah the SM one didn’t have one, or at least I didn’t see it, but I’m myopic so…)

Not much pokemon on display here, like before. What happens to be clear is that each number has different pokemon depending on the color too. While change color and +4 might have the same 2 artworks repeated.
Fun fact is that Pikachu and Wobbuffet are cards with extra rules, only for this deck:

Pikachu’s “Thunderbolt” lets you discard all Yellow cards in your hand.
It can be played on any colour. Play continues as normal afterward, from Yellow.
Meowth and Wobbuffet’s “Trick Everyone!” makes all other players take turns drawing 1 card each. They are not allowed to immediately play the drawn card.
It can be played on any colour. Play continues as normal afterward, from a colour chosen by the player of Meowth and Wobbuffet.


Black and White Best Wishes Version:

Pokevault saves me here too: 2012 release. Yet another code missing.

Only images I found showing the actual cards here. As before, a anime-based one which has different pokemon depending by the number’s colors.
Another similarities with previous deck is that Masterball and Team Rockets seems to be exclusives to this deck and are surely some sort of extra rules I can’t find anything about.

10th Anniversary Version:

Personally I missed this one before, and added just now that I’m editing.
2006 release, obvious reasons. Can’t see the code, but can see that this big boy has a steelbox.
Can’t find much infos, but more pics are Here and I refuse to upload so much stuff.
Artwork here is old Sugimori (always instant love) 2°/3° gen, pokemon repeated no matters the colors (you can see green and blue charizard). Can’t say the same on draw 2, +4, change colors, reverse and skip.
The trainer card has a extra rule:

Pokemon Uno (2006) (Trainer Wild Card Rule): You have the option to trade all of your cards for all of an opponent’s cards. Whether you trade or not, you also choose the color of play.

I think this is the oldest Pokemon UNO, and it’s a english release while the previous are (almost) all japanese.

Pokemon Colosseum Version:

This is stated to be Fake. Not that this box needed a sharp eye to detect it.

And there is at least ONE pokemon on the cards too!
Jokes asides, there is this unboxing video showing more (spoiler: I don’t see

Pokemon Go Version:

Another fake. The inside is shown in This Unboxing:

Yet another terrible fake anime-based Uno Box:

And here I’m stuck. Can’t find more of these kinds. Any knowledge here is welcome since I burned my brain already.

In reality… This one looks very good (I’d buy 2: one for binder and one for playing)

Good ol’ gen 1&2 sprites and maps here.


This is the only Uno card that matters to me!


I love how they changed the shape of the color box to shurikens for greninja


Any place to see the cards, or just images of the boxes are available?

I did the post on a rush, sorry, I’ll edit maybe making the pics visible and adding all the cards I find


Done with the editing.
Now I’m going to study how to embody videos on the threads.


Ahh thanks so much, that’s awesome!

Wait what, i see an alolan grimer in sun & moon pic! To the need list it goes


I was quite horrified to learn that PSA seems to have recently started grading Uno cards…and a Greninja has already been graded :expressionless:

I just brought the xy deck in full off of eBay Iv attached pic of full card list

There is also a opening of the sun moon Uno deck on YouTube


Iv also found pic of the best wishes set


You are an Absolute Hero.
Thank you for your support :saluting_face:

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