Pokemon TCG "Legacy Format"

Whenever I flip through my binder and look at all the cool old cards, with their rather underpowered (by today’s standards) abilities, I can’t help but wonder why there doesn’t seem to be any oldschool formats with any sort of community support. I know this is more of a collecting forum than a playing forum, but I figure people around here are likely more invested in the older cards (namely wizards cards) then most players of the current TCG.

I figure it would be cool to play with decks limited to cards from just old sets, either old style only or cards from certain sets.

What do you guys think about this? Why does nobody do it?

I know I’d be thrilled if there were little mini-tournaments at big events for something like this, just as a fun gimmick to add some function to older cards. I always liked how old cards in MTG could always be useful in the right format, it’s a shame to see that in pokemon the older cards get left behind as far as play goes.

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Interesting point. I don’t play so not 100% sure why, I have heard of a few people making old decks and playing with them but it’s very limited.

One reason may be that the time spent on playing with old decks reduces the practice and therefore your competitive ability with the new decks which is what everyone else is playing with. For serious players anyway.

You will not see any store run “Legacy Format” on a regular basis. One reason for rotation in organized play is to drive sales of new cards.

If you want to play “Legacy Format” try TCG One* If sites that host tournaments get enough interest, they could host “Legacy Format” tournaments.

*The author of this post did not receive any compensation from TCG One or any hosting site.

It basically depends on one person driving it. In the Chicago area, Jimmy Ballard, a significant tournament organizer for Play! Pokemon, has about 160 old decks built. People can play with them or against them at all of his tournaments, Nationals, and during any casual visit if you give advance notice.

This collection cost thousands though. So there’s money required. With so many people sweeping the markets for the older cards for decks, that market would get very pricey very fast.