Does anyone play older formats?

I was going to ask this on Virbank, but figured I’d get some better feedback here…

After watching a lot of content centered around vintage MTG, I’ve been wanting to build a couple decks around a Base - Rocket, or even a WOTC only format with some old bulk just for fun. Anyone else into this idea? I know Pokemon was pretty broken back then, but I think it would be fun to mess around with at worlds or whatever.

100%, yes. Playing vintage is awesome, but it’s been a while since I have played.

I do it with yugioh too! I’m not a big fan of new mechanics (like for yugioh players Pendulums amiright) so I built like 20+ decks in older format/vintage to play. Many others do this too.

Pokemon is harder, because construction of older decks are more expensive, but it’s definitely a goal of mine to build more to play around with.


It would be really fun for nostalgic reasons, but as you point out the game was sort of broken back then. Fun for a budget player like me back in the day to crush spoiled kids with expensive base charizard and blastoise decks with non-holo jungle wigglytuff, promo mewtwo and some energy removals and plus powers.

I would suggest to include the neo sets. Especially neo genesis which contained tons of cool and very playable cards: Feraligatr, steelix, slowking, cleffa, murkow and the most broken card form the wotc era, sneasel.

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@dunsparce0p might know a thing or two about playing the older format!

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Haymaker vs. Haymaker?


Nah, 2009-2011 was the best time. SP decks (Luxray, Garchomp, etc.) and Uxie was my favorite format to watch (never really played though).

If we ever had an e4 meetup I’d definitely bring all of my complete decks, (current standard) ultra Necrozma malamar, (current standard) goomy troll, (vintage) haymaker, (vintage) mr.mime stall.
I have my own binder organized with wotc trainers supporters and like 3+ of each rare card from base to jungle (some are cheap base set 2 tho lol)
It would be a lot of fun to play a competitive vintage tournament.

I’ve been building older formats since 2013. I’m at around 65 decks (give or take a couple) between base set and 2010 with a lot more on the way once I make the time to sit and go through deck lists and cards. All real cards - no WC or proxies. Maybe 1% foreign languages mixed in, unless the entire deck was built in Japanese.

If you decide on a format and bring a deck to worlds, I’d definitely play!



If you ever want to play, you are welcome to add me on IG and maybe we can play live :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been building a couple of Oldschool decks, only up to Neo Destiny.

my IG is @lorenz0rd

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Removal vs removal xD

Don’t mind my carpet, but I’ve been having a lot of fun testing a weird charizard deck(which is really bad) Props to my GF for humoring me by playing the haymaker deck. I think I’m just on a huge nostalgia trip but it’s a nice to enjoy my old cards in a different way, as I never understood how to play when I was a kid


Join Snowpoint Temple on Facebook. I play 2009-10 and 2006

Playing old formats is very fun. The 3-Time World Champion Jason Klaczynski writes a blog where he has an article on every gooddeck from every format in the history of the game. My friends and I have modeled our decks after his lists. In some formats he was able to go back and discover several decks that no one from the era had ever come up with. I disagree with anyone who says the older formats were “broken”. They were just different. Base-Neo or Base-Fossil had energy removal yes, but you had to be conservative with your resources. Even the Haymaker mirror, which can be perceived as just energy removal spam and single attachment attacks, requires a lot of skill and precision on when to attack, what to attack with, and how to manage your resources.


I only play Rain Dance/Articuno in formats that have electabuzz banned.

#electabuzz ruined legazy/vintage.



Those are FANTASTIC articles! I wouldn’t say every good deck is on there, but he has done a great job at reflecting on those formats and trying to optimize them, which is the current trend in old format deck building. Pokemon players have the tendency to complain about every format they’re currently in, and then romanticize the past to a ridiculous degree. Every format has it’s ups and downs, and I personally love resource management formats like Base or the SP era.

As mentioned previously, Snowpoint Temple is a great place to discuss old format decks, and Jason’s blog is very informative especially for the WOTC era.

I collect and play old format decks, and own around 90 decks so far. It’s always nice to bring to play with old friends to relive memories, while also introducing new people to different formats :blush: