Pokémon SuitCase? 6 Boosters inside? Rarity?

So I recently bought this box from a dutch bidding website, the text on the box is also dutch. First dutch box ever I see (except for Base/Jungle/Fossil)


(Sorry for mirrored image xD)

My question is: What’s the value? And was this box released in other countries? I remember seeing a French one on a convention, so currently we have Dutch & French.

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What site? MP? How did I missed that one…

Great find I don’t know anything about it. But does it contain Dutch cards???

It can’t have Dutch cards, they only made base jungle and fossil in Dutch. And some promos.

Doesn’t contain Dutch cards, just normal english boosters inside.

Site was 2dehands.be :wink:

I didn’t really thought it would contain Dutch cards. But a man can hope :wink:

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