Pokemon Stadium! ポケモンスタジアム2!

I consider this the game from back in the day. This game came with a gameboy game controller pack. This is the perfect game. I figured these pictures are so abundant, use Google image, Pokemon Stadium. The controller pack allowed you to use your Pokemon from your yellow, blue, and red gameboy games, against the N64 Gym Leaders. I have not played the Japanese version, yet. I am curious to know, if Pokemon Green works with this game? You can also play the gameboy game on the TV! This was amazing, in the year 2000! The game was released in Japan, April, 1999. Here’s a link to more information:
I remember I’d get frustrated when my unknown glitch turned into the kangaroo Pokemon. I need to get this game out and play it.

I loved this game. My sister and I would play the mini-games constantly, especially the Pokemon Cut game with Scyther and Pinsir. :grin:

Thanks for the Nostalgia kick!

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@azulryu – The Scyther/Pinsir mini-game was the best :heart:

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My daughter and I used to play this game on the N64 “Pikachu” console. Good memories and good times!

You know it’s funny how advanced the gameboy controller pack was. You can download a Pokemon stadium emulator on your phone. I can’t download my original gameboy save files onto my phone. Truly a genius innovation by Nintendo. The perfect device to make you buy original Nintedo 64 consoles to play.
My favorite game was the food mini game. I found it more challenging than a bouncing Magikarp.
Edit: Awsome N64 Console!