Pokemon Snap is amazing

Trufax. At first glance this seems like some silly little side game that any four year old could beat within an hour, but once you unlock every course and finish the Pokemon Report, it becomes one of the hardest Pokemon games known to man as the player has to bash his or her skull repeatedly against the brick wall known as the SCORING SYSTEM!

For the last two days I have just been replaying courses over and over trying to match my high scores for every Pokemon with the ultimate goal of reaching Pokemon Report of 300,000 points. After much effort it still seems like an eternity way as I’m sitting at 283,000 or thereabouts. It’s as surprisingly addicting as it is frustrating. In terms of the latter, the bane of my existence is obtaining the 8000 point photo of Pikachu riding on Articuno’s back.

It’s amazing how fun this game actually is, though. I remember back in 1999, I was pretty much like, “Well, that’s nice” and felt kind of bummed out when I beat it in one afternoon and saw there were only 63 Pokemon in it. It felt like a pretty lame appetizer for Pokemon Stadium which seemed like forever away at the time. Funny thing is that as stupidly simple as Snap seems, I find it has like 100x the replay value of Stadium.

And for as simple as it seems, it also does a handful of things extremely right. It’s still the ONLY Pokemon game as far as I know that has voice acting for all of the Pokemon featured. The behaviors of the Pokemon themselves are actually surprisingly intricate for an N64 game, the graphics are really cute and fun, and the music is really memorable. Also, it’s a really unique and creative take on the rail shooter genre and I can safely say I’ve never played another game quite like Snap.

tl;dr: this game is awesome and I’ve been hoping against hope that one day it’ll have a sequel with more courses and Pokemon. You know, in the same made-up reality where in the year 2010 Lisa Simpson has beaten Chastity Bono to become the first female President of the US.

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I totally agree, Pokemon Snap is a fantastic game :blush: One of my favourites even. I remember playing it in a ToysRUs when N64 was up to date :grin: and didnt really like it. But when I started the game in 2010 on my brothers wii via VirtualConsole, I totally fell in love :grin:

Every single course is designed so nice, and the first time you play it it’s super exciting to see when and where the pokemon appear :blush:

pokemon snap is very underrated, and needs to be appreciated more! I hope to see a spin off, or similar pokemon game in the near future :blush:

I loved PKMN Snap, but did anyone else get headaches from playing it? I did, along with PKMN Stadium for some odd reason, I still clocked a lot of hours on both, however.

I wonder what happened to all those sticker machines? Surely they didn’t just take them apart and throw them away? They must be stored away somewhere right?

@happyhaunter I actually saw a sticker machine show up on eBay about a year ago, so I guess there are at least a few still out there.

I just beat the whole game the other day. I woke up, and decided today I was gonna play my N64, then I saw my Snap game, and instantly knew what I was going to spend my day doing haha

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Wow that’s really cool! You wouldn’t happen to know what it was sold for would you?

I just found this one To Ebay! I thought the one from before sold for more than that. (Thought it was over $1000), but I don’t remember for sure.

What the hell?! I never knew these existed, now how amazing would it be to have one of these in your flat!

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Wow that sold for much cheaper than I thought they would go for! I guess the only problem owning that would be the time when you run out of the supplies to print stickers.

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This made me check my copy to see my score! I love video games that in the surface are really easy but have a surprisingly hidden difficulty spike if you’re really dedicated. I haven’t touched my copy in a couple of years but I’m sitting at a 281,970 score. My Pikachu picture with Articuno is sitting at 6480. My five lowest scores at the moment are:

  1. Staryu - 3320
  2. Lapras - 3360
  3. Weepinbell - 3500
  4. Diglett - 3640
  5. Magikarp - 3720

I’m probably not going to touch this game for a while though haha. How much have you improved your score by?

Pokemon Stadium gets really stale real quick. I find it more of its appeal through its multi-player especially the mini-games. The one thing I did love about the game is using the transfer pak to test my Pokemon from my game boy games.

4 years later and the only one on ebay it going for good money