Pokemon Red Manual

I was digging through some stuff in the attic and found my old Pokemon red manual from when I was a kid! Great nostalgia hit, I love that I can see where I crossed off all 150 pokemon and the 8 gym leaders :blush: well done 12 year old me! Has anyone else got any cool, interesting, nostalgic Pokemon game related photos/stuff?

Do you still have your original starter somewhere? I took my Charizard to soul silver but lost it when I sold the game to someone on a school trip. :slightly_frowning_face:


Man do I love that original old art


Thanks for sharing these photos! I completely forgot about the manual, this really brings me back. Hopefully I can dig mine up next time I visit my family.


No problem! I loved flicking through it and thought some others might enjoy looking back at some of the pictures :blush: I really enjoy the fact back in the day they gave us a proper manual with instructions, tips, artwork etc. Nowadays even if you buy a hard copy of a game often all it has inside is a game code and maybe some sort of printed advert for another game.

Every couple of years I restart my red or blue version and catch all 150 pokemon. I found the manual a couple years ago untouched in a pile of old inserts from other games in my house. Love the nostalgia man.


I think I need to pick up a copy of these games again so I can do this too, would be fun to play through again.

Thatโ€™s really cool. I donโ€™t have those anymore, much to my chagrin. I do still have the old Nintendo Power guide for Red/Blue. That guide had the most bizarre party recommendations, but I really liked the stickers that you could use to mark off which Pokemon you had caught. I liked the sheet too much to ever use them, though.

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