Pokemon Origins

If you haven’t watched this series, you need too. Only 4 episodes, but very well done.


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That being said, they need to make a Gold/Silver Origins. :blush:


I’m ashamed… :slightly_frowning_face: lmao

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Saw ep 1, not bad for something a bit different!

Episode 4 is where it’s at!

ill look forward to it!

I was thinking the exact same thing, thoroughly enjoyed Origins. Only wish it was longer at least 10 episodes; So there which could’ve seen the gym matches and the Indigo @ Elite 4, or at least watch Lance. None the less would love a Gold/Silver Origins.

Theres a semi second origin one. It has some guy with a mega Charizard trying to beat all the other mega Pokemon. I think they underestimate kids shows. Where is the mystery and more complicated plots/characters.