Pokemon Mega Bloks are coming

Interesting :blush:


Pretty cool but really makes me wish it was LEGO.


Pokemon Mega-bloks have been available in Japan for a while now actually. I’ll be frank, most of these designs are pretty hideous… on top of Mega-bloks being subpar compared to LEGOs to begin with, organic creatures just don’t translate well into building bricks. Looking at these, I’m baffled by how many specialized pieces they’re using and yet they are still failing to recreate the basic shapes of most of these Pokemon. The Gyarados is the only one that looks remotely okay.


I have to agree with both of you.

The super mario mega bloks range was done quite well (although not sought after) and the pokemon one’s look a bit obscure.

Pokemon lego would have been very collectible.

Oh god. That Charizard.

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What do they transform into?

That Charizard’s neck look like it was involved in a rear-end collision accident. :slightly_frowning_face:

Road Rage TM

Here is some of the oldschool ones.

Some of the new ones look alright, but the older one’s we’re not super popular: