Pokemon Halloween items?? O.O

Hey guys,

I live in Australia, we don’t really celebrate Halloween here, but I seen this cool post on imgur:


Got me thinking if there are any cool TCG Halloween promos about to burst soon?

Last year we had an entire set for Halloween, which was awesome :blush: I haven’t seen anything else beyond the imgur post though…I doubt we’ll have any TCG promos. Not sure if you can possibly beat last year’s promo though.


I also doubt there will be any Halloween promo cards this year. If so, they would have surfaced by now, as Japan generally begins promoting Halloween on September 1 (no kidding).

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That’s late by many standards :wink:

In Australia we start promoting Easter on the 26th of December…

Not that I complain though as I love me some hot cross buns!

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No kidding? Four months before the actual holiday?! :open_mouth:

Yep. We also have Christmas decorations out on display now and have for a few weeks.

Holidays = money to all business. It’s pretty sad how we promote it.

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Yeah I can vouge for that, xmas definitely comes in early at all the targets and big retail chains here. least 3 months+

I think I seen a house with Christmas lights up this week, they may of just been decorating the balcony, but I thought it was a bit early.


Anyone throwing up lights now better have an incredible display to justify the early action.

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the place i work at has had christmas stuff out since july haha!

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And all along I thought Japan jumped the gun on holidays. You guys definitely have us beat!

Meh. Consumerism.

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Can you explain Silver Week to me? 4 days off amazes me.