Pokemon Green Limited Edition

I asked the bulbasour forum and they have not heard of it either. The limited edition came in a limited edition black box. I do not have the original box. Please help.

Maybe it is a bootleg?

From a quick google search I found this picture:

It is a black cardridge, same logo but with the gameboy color title on the left side

// This is the corresponding ebay auction:

Well the guy asks 100 bucks for three gm holos. Guess he is trustworthy XD

I’m 99% sure his game is bootleg. Mine was originally purchased at a Tokyo game store. The limited edition only came in green. I had a person who worked with the company help me find it. I know it’s real. People in Japan went nuts over this version. I even asked Gameboy collectors with no success.
Thanks for the replys, keep them coming!

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Do you have a picture of the original box?

I did some research as it is interesting for me, this is what I found so far:


They have the exact cartridge pictured as yours, and call it “Dark Green” or “Green 2”. But both say it is bootloeg


Update: I messaged UkGraders a game grading service. They say they are very interested in grading this game. :blush: From what the message says it sounds like they have never seen one either. I will update this when I get it back in a graded case!
This game I have confirmed was released before the original release, months before. Also, I didn’t think it came with the limited box but, my dad says it was purchased in the box. I hope I can locate it.

I’ve done research on bootlegs. All bootlegs have a screw on the back due to lack of the right equipment. Bootleg games also lack the molded Nintendo trademark on the front of the game. I have a regular version of green that has an identical casting. Also, there was also a limited edition version of the Japanese yellow version. It’s not uncommon for limited edition releases to have a early release date.

The OP’s game is not the same as the one shown in the bootleg photos. The dark green is the bootleg color, where his is a lighter green, or standard green.

If there is a way to get it authenticated I would recommend doing so before listing it.

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I just want to make it clear all post are informative and I do appreciate all comments. Dark Rai since day 1 you have had this attitude about anything I post. I treat you and everyone else with respect. I just ask the same.

So, @ccgcollector, you said UkGamers were very interested in grading this, and what is the result? I still think it is a bootleg, so it would be very interesting to hear any news :blush:


The game is finally going out to grade next week.

I do have one question about, bootleg games. Do they have the full game with, no translation errors? This game is the full game with, no differences in spelling.