Pokémon Go users on here?

Dang! Puts into perspective that luck still plays a sizeable role. Is shedinja actually any good? I’ve been curious about how it works within this games mechanics.

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In terms of raids and gyms battles its not very good and I have no idea from a PVP point of view, as I rarely do PVP.
This is a decent guide on what’s good to use for raids and gym battles: Attackers Tier List | Pokemon GO Wiki - GamePress

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Thanks very much for the guide link! I’ll be using it for sure.

As a general question though, does anyone use the pogo auto poke catchers?

Are they worthwhile at all? And is one of the higher end versions better than the Niantic one?

I use the auto catchers often. they are good but issues are they disconnect often so you need to monitor your game. sometimes it may spin stops later than catching pokemon or not spin stops at all

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Haha, I’m not too surprised about that type of issue. I will continue to ponder if it’s worthwhile for me. Does it work in a car or anything?

When I’m on the train in Tokyo, the game generally doesn’t work that well in because it is too fast. Though, I suppose in america with stop lights and stuff it will be different.

Added most of you guys, i’ll send gifts everyday; and i’ll open your gift (probably) once every 2 days. This is because my friends list is really long and i open my daily max of gifts everyday since i’m using it to levelUp a bit faster. Almost lvl49 here :melting_face:

People who wanna coordinate lucky eggs/opening bestfriend gift; you can reach me here on E4!

1991lenny in game, code; 3980 9041 2856

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I’ve been playing off and on since release, I’m on almost every day at least a little bit. I’m not the best at sending gifts because work and home both have zero pokestops around but I’d still be happy for new friends (especially if you’re Team Instinct!) and I will do gifts when I can!

7581 5270 2075 - ThatPikachuGuy7

Anyone still paying?

I play still

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Yep, I’m still playing daily doing gifts and everything. Most people here still swap gifts with me daily as well. Drop your code and I’ll add it to the list above :+1: happy to have another member!


I’ll echo what @pigeonsyndicate said. I play daily and send gifts to all my friends. Feel free to add me!

My code is 7239 3491 9831 and my ign is SirTM90. Feel free to add me if you want to exchange gifts until best friends.

It’s already up there but here is my code in case anyone wants to be friends

1447 1035 1151

I know I’m a but late for this but could it be possible to add country’s to people their codes? I do believe I added everyone already but with the scatterbug that needs to come from all over the world I thought this might be helpful to find regions we don’t own yet.
I’m from Belgium btw :sweat_smile:

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Ooo good idea! I’ll add it to the chart up above :+1:

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Netherlands / Fryslân represent here for JahBless91 / lenny1991 in pogo :upside_down_face:

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