Pokemon Cry Quiz

Was looking for a pokemon cry audio library and this Pokemon Cry Quiz was the first result. Ironically, not the most comprehensive, I’m sure, but it’s a decent distraction for a few minutes:


My friends is amazingly good at this! We have done a bunch of these and he gets at least 80-90% right each time. Crazy thing is he does it with no multiple choice just off the dome. I strive for that lol

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Win rate is about 8/10! Fun fact: two pairs of pokemon from gen 1 use the exact same cry! Can you guess which ones? Charizard and Rhyhorn and Poliwag and Ditto!


This was lots of fun! I’m surprisingly pretty good at these, got 10/10 on all the ones I tried. I think having 4 Pokemon to pick from makes it a lot easier. Definitely couldn’t do it as well if I had to draw completely from memory.


This is one of those skills I acquired but never asked for. I can probably do most of gen 1-3 without multiple choice


I did NOT know about poliwag! :exploding_head: