Pokemon Conquest

So I just found out that a new Pokemon game is coming out - Pokemon Conquest.

The official Pokemon page can be found here: www.pokemonconquest.com/en-us

What are your opinions on the game? To me, it just seems like a new Pokemon Ranger game.

this game is not like ranger or mystery dungeon at all.like frosty said its a strategy game and I really am interested in it alot since its very different from the other games.I really was surprised when they announced this game as a western release so fast

I am WAY more excited for this game that BW2 and I’m buying it on release day. I even played the original Nobunaga’s Ambition games on NES and SNES to prepare for it. Those games were really complicated for their time and a bit hard to beat so I want to see how adding Pokemon into the mix will change it.

Well now I’m actually interested seeing as the game isn’t what I thought it was. I wonder how long it will take for the rom to come out… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d love a Pokémon game featuring the good old first 150 for Xbox360 or PS3.
Really awesome graphics, but close to the same playing style as the gameboy versions.
That would be the greatest thing ever.

Pokemon would never make a game for the XBOX or Playstation. Why? Because Nintendo owns Pokemon, and Nintendo has its own console. So, it would pretty much be like negative advertisement for Nintendo.

I know, but Nintendo’s graphics wouldn’t cut it.

Hahaha that’s for sure. Nintendo should really release a good solid console or at least pump up their graphics. That’s like the biggest downside to Nintendo gaming.

So… this game is pretty awesome and I’m already way more excited to be playing it than I’ve been about BW for the year and a half that’s been out. I picked it up yesterday instead of Monday, but only because my Walmart got a late shipment; I’ve conquered seven territories so far and really, my only complaint is that there’s only 200 Pokemon out of 649.

I find it pretty unfortunate that all of the Pokemon series’s imagination and experimentation has to be used in spinoff titles like Conquest and Snap while the main series is forever locked into this rigid, dated mid-90’s RPG mode where characters on the overworld aren’t even allowed to walk diagonally.

Which generation does the game favor for the 200 Pokemon it includes?

Yeah, it sucks, but I’m fine with it (minus the diagonal thing :stuck_out_tongue:). I enjoy having the main series and then waiting for the fun, creative spin-offs that come around every once in a while. It’s like perfect cause right when I get bored of the main series, a spin-off comes out.

It’s a pretty even spread across all four Generations, honestly. With the emphasis on there being a territory for each Pokemon type, they did pick a pretty nice variety of Pokemon from all types and Generations for the 200 cap… I just wish it could have been higher.

I would totally buy a Conquest 2 that had more Pokemon but I’m not getting my hopes up on this being successful enough to warrant a sequel, as my other two favorite spinoffs (Snap and TCG GB) never got a sequel, or at least one released in America in TCG GB’s case.

Aren’t there 5 Generations? :stuck_out_tongue:

There will probably be a Conquest sequel in Japan, given the nature of the original N0bunaga game and the popularity of Pokemon, but probably not by TCPi (Non-Japan).
Really? You thought Snap deserved a sequel? I understand about the TCG GB, but Snap?

Typos, typos… :stuck_out_tongue: I am kind of hopeful that Conquest will get a sequel, actually. I just realized that basically all of the recent spinoffs have gotten sequels, no matter how obscure or goofy… I mean, PokePark Wii and Pokemon Rumble got sequels and Conquest has gotten WAY better reviews than any of those games.

I thought Snap was awesome actually. It was a pretty creative game, as I’ve never played anything else quite like it, and I found it really fun to try to get better scores and interact with the Pokemon to have them do different poses and stuff. It was also cool that they used voice samples from the anime which is something I really wish the main series would do, rather than continue to using 8-bit NES bleepy bloopy sounds for the Kanto Pokemon cries.

Like with Conquest, my main complaint was that so many of the existing Pokemon at the time were absent from it. I think a lot of the backlash for Snap was because it came at a time where there were no other Pokemon spinoffs really and people wanted and expected a N64 Pokemon game to be exactly like the Game Boy games - i.e., Stadium.

Even then, Snap was pretty successful so I wonder why they never went back to it, especially when the Wii would have been as perfect a fit for a Snap 2 as the DS would have been for a TCG 3…

Oh crap. I totally got Snap confused with Trozei. Don’t ask how :laughing:

Trozei sucked, but I absolutely love Snap! Although I never played it on my N64, I was able to get a version for the Wii. Goodness, that game is amazing. Yeah, I would most definitely love a sequel to Snap!

This game is surprisingly long. I finished the main story yesterday and it took me about 24 game hours just to do that… but apparently the main story is just one big tutorial to the rest of the game, and there’s thirty-nine shorter episodes to unlock that have more features that weren’t in the main story, with five of them being available through Wi-Fi or password. Then for the “fortieth” story, it sounds like you replay the main game without the original limitations? OMG I CAN’T WAIT TO DO IT ALL!!

Overall, I love this game. I just wish it had more than 200 Pokemon… like I’ve said before, if they make a Conquest 2 and it has every Pokemon and fixes the few minor faults in this one, I think that could seriously be my favorite Pokemon-related game of all time.

The game is great, just as addictive as your standard Pokemon game. I’d recommend it to any Pokemon fan.

yea the game is amazing sadly not all 649 pokemon are in there but its just great enough to have alone.i finished the main story in like 4 days but i was fooling around leving up pokemon to their final evolution.the other episodes i do like and cant wait to actually do all of them