Pokemon Channel Nice Cards

So… here is a list of links for Pokemon Channel and the Nice Cards:

Pokémon Channel Nice Cards: An Exposé: pkmncollectors — LiveJournal <<really solid write-up on 'em

I just picked up 6 of 'em for 3900 yen so now they exist in my OCD world.
I did not mean to start this collection but these cards are so derpy and rare…
When I receive them, I’ll take nice pics so E4Um community has something when you hit the search bar on these bad bois. I know yall got some, post pics of your IRL Channel Nice cards!
(and thanks)


Good luck! Every time I see a listing with these specifically, they are priced pretty high (I guess because they are hard to come by). 6 of then for 3900 yen sounds like a good deal! I’ll have to be in the search for a Hoppip at some point—might take me forever as I don’t feel like forking over a ton of money for just the Hoppip :sweat_smile:

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I don’t know if it’s good or bad news, but there’s a ~$330 posting for these that contains a Hoppip on Mercari right now lollll (out of a grand total of 5 posts that are unsold iirc)

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Yeah, I’ve seen it in a listing (maybe it’s the same one you’re looking at), but I don’t have that much to spend to chase one Hoppip :sweat_smile:

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Such a fun game, probably the one I played the most on my game cube.


I own the snorlax in my pc and I think a i have a spare Iggy puff.

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Never knew these were a thing. Thanks for sharing

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At first I thought you were talking about these 4 “Pokémon Channel ~Together with Pikachu!~ Card e+” promo cards that came with the Game Cube title.

And I was like, sure they’re nice, I guess. I had NO idea they actually physically printed the Nice Cards from the game though. Thank you so much for putting these on my radar!!


I’m a huge fan of nice cards! I love the goofy cgi models.

It’s hard to find a complete collection anywhere but I saw this one posted by thecardcollectoruk on Instagram. Thought a few people here would appreciate seeing all cards in one place


Thank you for this…. You confirmed what I didn’t want confirmed I need a 3D snorlax version :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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