Pokemon Center New York Magical Clock Brand New in Box!

Hello everyone! This is my first post here on these forums. I believe I stumbled upon this site through smpratte who I am a huge fan of! I am an avid Pokemon collector since 2014 mostly sealed hasbro toys! For the last year or so I’ve really been looking to find one of these clocks, basically in any condition. My friend @mewisme700 on Instagram sent me this link on eBay last Friday to one NIB for $2,000, we agreed to $1500 and met up locally! Curious to see who else owns one and if anyone has it new in box still!?


So lucky :heart_eyes:

I didn’t realize they’ve become quite collectable. I have one that I used when I bought it new back in the day.

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I get these anytime I can, they are great. I reluctantly let go of a NIB one recently for quite a bit more than you paid, so I think you got a great deal!

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This is amazing to hear! I figured I had made a great purchase but being new in box I just can’t see myself displaying this even though I wanted to lol. Do you have any idea of how many sealed are around nowadays?

I always like to see different Pokemon items, so many things across the Pokemon franchise have some good value and collectible. This is a perfect example. Another good example is the Gold Pokemon card from Ginza Tanaka and one gold statue I have from Ginza Tanaka of Pikachu (interested to see the worth on it now).

I have come across only 2 myself. 1 was traded, and the other I used for a short time on my wall. After all these years the batteries were still good!

Even used they are getting very tough

I learn something new every day in this scene it’s amazing to see, especially from people like smpratte and other high end collectors!

LOL I was paranoid about the batteries in there being rotted out in the box and ruining the clock! That’s crazy to hear that very few are still NIB, I think i’ll hold onto this for a long time!

Oh no … something new I really want to buy. My poor neo booster box funds.

This is amazing, putting it on the wish list :heart_eyes:

I have one of these, I wear it on my wrist as a watch :stuck_out_tongue: