Pokémon Bandai minifigures

Hello everyone, hope you are all well,
This is a pure question, has I don’t have any knowledge.

Só I got many figures that seem to be the 2004 full bandai color advance, but unlike one of my images( the ones with the 2 pokemon with a base and stats showing) mini seem sealed and new but the card that usually has the stats seems Bo be empty, they seem the same colecion even but I don’t know what is the difference or if just a Missi sticker.

Let me know if you have any info an them has I want to learn I bit on them, I can’t find the average value of them online and if there is any kind person to help me learn more.

Thank you for the time.

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So a few things here as I might be able to help, however do note I am a bit unfamillar with these specificially so Ill do my best to help how I can.

Assmuing these are gatcha based figures (as most of these thend to be) there can be a few reasons why the base looks that way as opposed to the picture. In the Pokemon Museam figure series, they as well have stickers that attach to the bottom and if i recall correctly, that sticker is included outside of the normal packaging of the figure itself. So in that regard, this could be along those same lines and that base part is just missing. Every gatcha figure always comes with the item itself and then a booklet showing everything from the series, so already we can see that something isnt here.

Now lets say thats not the case. Your best next guess and bet would be to look up the figures in this series in Japan and compare that way to see how yours measures up. Sometimes there are reprints and changes to gatcha things over time. Case and point for that example is the Bandai 3d Zukan Pokedex Gatcha figures and how some were made twice in different renditions, but the figures were exactly the same. Only real difference was the paper booklet they each came with. So with that, there might be the chance that this is a second redition that wasnt meant to have a stat aspect on the stand, but I doubt that myself. Its just an idea to point out.

All and all, I lean toward my first guess in that its just missing a sticker. I can be wrong, but its a good educated take from that I know and I hope this helps! If i get some free time around today I may look deeper into it myself just for my own sake but if I do ill fo sure try to letcha know!


Looks like missing stickers - here is an auction I just came across coincidentally: