Pokemon 2006 Battle Road Stadium Palkia vs Dialga


Bid Bid Bid! :grin:

Hmm~! A third [2006 Battle Road Stadium, Palkia vs. Dialga] card couldn’t hurt :wink:

Just kidding :heart: I think having two is enough x)

Nice Dennis! :blush:

Well, Scott, the price that the card is at right now is not nice, though. I dunno why there are no bids. The last ones went for $100+…ugh!

Is it just me or can’t you find the card in searches?

No, ebay search doesn’t find your card, neither yesterday nor today. Why is that so? Ebay software bug or other reason?

Btw I’ll be happy to bid on your card if nobody else does.

You can send me offer via PM. I might be willing to sell via BIN (less than the eBay BIN obv) here. LMK.

Btw, I don’t know why it doesn’t find the card. I never had this problem before when I’ve listed on ebay.com :blush: