Pokemon 1997 Carddass - Flaws

Hi guys, just a quick question…

Today I received this card, and searching on google I have seen these “flaws” on other cards as well (actually I have 4 of them, but they are perfect in this sense), I guess this is due to the way they were sold(vending machines)hence these don’t affect PSA grade, am I right? Or is this a big PSA oversight?

Editi: I forgot to add that this is PSA 10

Is this specific to the Blastoise? I have a Charizard which does’t appear to have these flaws:

If it isn’t specific to this one card, I don’t think PSA are wrong to grade the card down.

Sorry, I edited the original post, because I forgot to add that it was graded 10 by PSA

I have seen another 10 on eBay with the same issues, but I just wanted to ask to you guys, because, who is more expert than you? :grin:

In that case, personally I’d say that yes, PSA were wrong to grade this a 10, but on that note I’d regard it as a very high 9 as they’re factory defects and not general wear and tear.

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Does anyone know something more about these “flaws” on these cards?
Are they well known?

I always thought they were like a perforation tear ta, or something like that, which wouldn’t take them out of the PSA 10 guidelines.

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This is what I was thinking too, thanks Gary :grin: .
(Anyway i also understand the Pichufan’s point of view)

They’re caused by the paper bands that hold the “packs” of cards together in the vending machines. The edges of the bands dig into the cards and leave those indentations.

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Thank you very much for the further explanation Japanime :blush: .

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Glad to have shed some light on it.

Back in the 1990s at my toy store in Tokyo, we would unlock the vending machines, remove the cards and get rid of those paper bands. LOL.


Makes sense. I did check a bunch of my cases that have those strips and fortunately none were damaged. The white strips are pretty tight though.
Edit: Curious though how the strips could cause that type of indent? Are the strips different than what Glenn is describing?

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Hmm haha are you sure series 3/4 had the bands ?
The carddass vending cases for series 3-4 didn’t have the paper bands from memory from the box I broke. but now I’m second guessing myself. Lol I maybe wrong

I think the pop ups carddass set and some movie promo set, and other sticker sets had the bands, but this set didn’t. It was the earlier release on 1997 by bandai carddass, and maybe afterwards in 1998 they started adding the white paper bands. Maybe some had some didn’t. I’m really not sure.

As I thought they were like a brick which just got chucked in the machines. Maybe the way they spewed out of the machine caused the Nick’s.

— I always thought those Nick’s on the bottom / top is just factory production or from the machine. It’s pretty common and standard across many of the foils, I think it was how they were cut after the press.

I don’t think it should be detrimented by psa, as I think it’s a production / distribution factor.


(I won this card in one of your auctions :blush: )

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That is lovely

Personally I would not consider those flaws as damage. I would deem it as a part of its production / distribution / cutting in the 1997, when bandai was just starting to print cards for Pokemon.

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