New PSA card, small white raised mark??

So I’ve received this PSA Charizard card and I’ve noticed a mark which looks to be a raised speck of something on the card surface? Pic below

The card is a 9 and I can’t believe PSA would grade it as a 9 with that on the front. Is this something which could have happened when they put the card in the case?

It’s very annoying as it wasn’t mentioned in the description of the listing, something I would have mentioned if it was me selling the card.

What do you think, any ideas?

I’d send for recasing

There was also a small amount of fluff on the backside of the case aswell so does make me wonder if it was a slightly careless casing procedure.
I can’t dislodge this white speck by tapping it unfortunately.
Would PSA be able to clear the speck and honour the grade then?

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Quick story… I send at least one bulk sub to psa every month. With their new hires they have …well… less seasoned staff doing the slabbing procedure. I got a call from them two weeks ago that one of my orders was ready to ship… BUT… sorry… one of the cards that graded a 10( about a $10 card ungraded- but $300 if graded a gem mint 10)… was “pinched” by the new staff member during the encapsulating process.

They gave me the $10 the ungraded card was worth as a credit and and sent me the damaged card back. Knowing that this happens- I am now never shocked when I see a speck of dust or a flake stuck in the psa holder like this. If you want the card- you can send to psa for them to reslab it and hopefully that takes care of the issue for you.

In fact- if it’s a recent eBay purchase, contact the seller and in lieu of a return, they may even be willing to cover the reslab fee from psa. It’s cheap and if I was the seller, that is what I would Offer you.

Thanks and good luck!

Spoken to the seller, hes actually offered to accept the card back and refund me - it sounds like he had abit of sellers remorse and didnt particularly want to part with it in the first place. I only contacted him to find out if the speck was on there when he first acquired the card or whether something already in the case has just lodged there, thinking I could tap it free . . .

I even contacted Ludkins UK this morning about them sending it to be reslabed but it’s not a service they are offering at the moment plus I dont fancy the idea of a 4 - 6 month wait either.

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I’d be asking for the value of the card in PSA 10 and accepting nothing less. Surely they don’t have a leg to stand on if one of their own staff members stole your card. Think of all the bad PR

By “Pinched” I am guessing indentation damage by the machine that sonic welds the cases?

Or was it literally “pinched” as in stolen? I certainly hope not :thinking:

I have seen images of random stuff found in PSA cases like mold, hair, dust and weird stains over the years.

I have also seen and heard stories of failed encapsulations and cards getting mislabeled.
From memory the latest one I saw recently was on instagram, the correct labels were printed but they were put in the wrong cases…
I have a couple of PSA graded cards with tiny shards of case plastic in them. I am guessing they got in during the sonic welding process. To much of a hassle to send them in for re-casing and the cards don’t seem damaged in anyway so I have left them as is.

Pinched as in they damaged the card. I am from Brooklyn- so yes… pinched does have two meanings!! But this time of literally means they damaged the card by pinching it in the case when they were slabbing it.

Sorry for the confusion there!.

Did they credit the full $300 for the damaged card? PSA once called me and told me that one of my cards that was graded fell off of a conveyer belt and somehow got crimped. They told me what the card was currently trending at and I agreed that it was a fair price and they credited the price back to me and returned the card.

Can we all agree that the worst job at PSA would be the guy who has to call people and tell them that PSA f’d up and damaged their card?

Thy gave me the amount I declared as raw value of the card. Which is significantly less than a 10… but I also asked them to go find one of my orders and expedite it for me. The next day- that bulk order moved from research and id to grading… so that was worth it to me.

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Expediting a PSA bulk order has got to be worth a couple hundred at least

I’ve decided to keep the card,
Prices of this particular card have gone through the roof over the last couple of weeks so I’m actually getting priced out of the market by waiting.
I’ve got to ask myself is not having a tiny piece of paper on the card worth £400??
As thats how much they’ve gone up by in those two weeks :open_mouth:

Just curious, when you say you declared the value at $10, does that mean you could easily obtain a few more copies in the same condition for $10 each? Because if the card is $300 in PSA 10, are you sure you declared the value of your MINT / GEM MINT card accurately? I do not declare market value on a gem mint card. I declare the value it would cost to replace the card in the exact same condition. I have never had to make a claim though so I can’t speak for how this works out.

My charizard card has two small specks of dust or whatever in the case. Completely takes the PROFESSIONAL out of psa. I know they’re humans, but expensive grades should ensure this doesn’t happen.

Eventually I’d like it in a new case but am scared of the process (sending in mail, case taken apart). I personally would like to get it re cased one day in person to avoid mailing an expensive card in the mail

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100%! The card was 10 at the time I bought it- and there were no psa 10s at all. It was a 2012 prizm basketball card. A set that has gotten very hot over the last 6 months… you can still buy the card raw for under 10- but a psa 10 carries a huge premium because there are now only a handful graded.