PokeDude Daisuki Japaense Promo Card

I will leave here the paper given with the PokéDude and Larousse’s Munchlax prize cards just in case someone search information about these cards in the future!

Apparently the cards were given to participants of the Pokémon Festa ‘Daisuki Club Stage’ events in 2004.
I did not find any information (on the internet or from japanese collectors) about the number of cards distributed…


Nice find! I went ahead and made this its own thread.

Considering its release, I don’t think its possible to know exactly how many were awarded. It is a very rare card, to the point where some collectors are unaware it even exists. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was sub 100. Purely a speculation from experience of how many have appeared in my time.

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Oh I thought that you deleted my message in the other thread because the last message was too old… ^^

Seen these before on yahoo japan

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Great info. Thank you for sharing :blush:

That pokedude is very troll xD